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Answer Hyperends Hill Bend
The Answer bar extensions are easily the most clever of all the bar ends made. This bar end rigidly grips the inside and outside of the handlebar, not just the outer surface. They use an expanding vane assembly to grip the inside of the handle bar while an outer sleeve encloses the outside of the handlebar. The grip tube and clamp are TIG welded together with a machined aluminum cap for the end. The Hill model has a Ski bend. Anodized in Black, Blue, Silver or Purple. $ 49.99
Answer Hyperends XC
This uses the same clamping section. The aluminum grip tube is longer making this an L-Bend model. Anodized in Black, Blue, or Silver. $ 49.99
Answer Hyperend Climber
These are new for the 1996 season. They use the same clamp system but have a straight short length grip tube. They werenÕt available at time of writing, so if you check our web site www.bikepro.com you will see images. Anodized in Black, Silver or Purple. $ 49.99

Control Tech

Control Stix Lites I
Basic 4" straight grip aluminum bar end made in USA. The grip and cinch tubes are TIG welded of 6061-T6. End pugs included, the cinch bolt is steel and there are knurls on the grip tube. These are anodized in Black, Green, Purple, Blue, or Silver. $ 22.99
Control Stix Lite II
The Lite II are an L-bend version of the Lite I. They have a longer (8 1/2") and bent grip tube. Knurls are on the primary grip tube only. End pugs included, the cinch bolt is steel. These are anodized in Black, Green, Purple, Blue, or Silver. $ 22.99
Control Tech Team Issue
The Team Issue is a more complexly made L-bend. The primary and secondary grip tubes are miter cut and welded rather than bent. The cinch and grip pieces are welded of 6061-T6. End plugs are included and again the cinch bolt is steel. These come in Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Silver or Titanium Grey. $ 26.99
Gonzo Hornees
Gonzo Hornees are machined as a single piece from aluminum rod. They are a straight grip with a knurled exterior. The piece is bored to make it hollow and light. When on the bar they tuck in toward the front wheel. The cinch bolt is steel. They are made in Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Judy Red, Judy Yellow and Silver. $ 51.99
Icon 7000 Series - Short
These are the hands down light weight winner. They are cold forged in the USA using a technique known as backward impact extrusion. A single piece of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy is compressed under great pressure to make the near finished version of the part. These are a 3 3/4" long straight grip tube bar end. End plugs for the grip tube and a second set for your handlebar are included. The 6mm x 1mm thread cinch bolts are steel. These are anodized Titanium Grey and have a pair weight of just 80 grams. $ 49.99
Icon 6000 Series - Short
These are second version of the short bar ends above, manufactured the same way. These are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and also use steel bolts. They are anodized Black and have a pair weight of 94 1/2 grams. $ 42.99
Icon 7000 Series - Long
Made in the US of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, these are cold forged from a single piece of aluminum, squeezing it under pressure into its final shape through backward impact extrusion. The long grip tube is bent giving two 3" long sections for hand placement. The set includes end plugs for the bar ends and handlebar. These use 3mm x 1mm steel bolts. Made in the US, these have a pair weight of 96 1/2 grams. $ 54.99
Icon 6000 Series - Long
A variation of the Long bar ends above, these are made using the same technique of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Two pair of end plugs are included and again the 6mm x 1mm bolts are steel. These are made in the US and have a pair weight of 33 grams. Anodized Black. $ 44.99
Onza is passing through Backruptcy, as of Mid-July the GT bike organization had bid on the OnZa name for use in the US. What Onza will look like after 1996 is anyone's guess and availablility of the Onza products is limited and sketchy.
Onza Raw 110
Made in Taiwan, the 110 has a separate cinch and grip tube that are welded together. The low profile cinch mechanism occupies very little handlebar length. Black plastic end plugs for both the bar ends and the handle bar are included. The cinch bolts are steel. These are anodized in Black, Purple or Silver and have a pair weight of 118 grams. $ 17.49
Onza Raw 140
Made in Taiwan this are a longer, L-bend version of the Raw 110. The longer grip tube is bent making two 3 1/2" grip sections. Black plastic end plugs for both the bar ends and handlebar are included. Anodized in Black, Purple or Silver, these have a pair weight of 143 grams. $ 17.49
Onza CWA
Shortened from ÒCut, Welded AluminumÓ these are a cinch style, L-bend bar end. The cinch piece is cold forged of 6061-T6 aluminum. Two miter cut, then TIG welded pieces of aluminum tubing make the grip tube, which is bonded to the cinch piece. Black plastic end plugs are included for the bar ends and the handlebar. The cinch bolts are steel. Anodized in Blue, Black, Green, Red or Silver, these have a pair weight of 172 grams. $ 33.99
Onza OZ- Ti's
The have the Titanium tubing cut and welded for the grip tube in the same shape as the CWA above. These also come with 2 pair of end plugs and steel cinch bolts. Titanium Grey in color these have a pair weight of 186 grams (remember Titanium is heavier than aluminum, just lighter than steel). $126.99

Profile for Speed

Profile Briefs
Made in Taiwan, (in the same plant that makes the Ritchey bar ends) these are a one piece, cold forged aluminum bar end. These are a short ski bend version with 3 1/2" of grip to the curve. They come with two pair of Black plastic end plugs for the handlebars and bar ends. The cinch bolt is made of steel. These come anodized in Blue, Black, Green, Red or Silver with a pair weight of 128 grams. $ 16.99
Profile Boxers
These are an L-bend version of the Briefs. The grip tube is bent leaving about 3 1/2" of grip on each side. Two pair of Black plastic end caps are included. Anodized in Silver, Black, Green, Blue or Red, these have a pair weight of 149 grams. $ 16.99
***Profile Bermuda Short - Long Johns $ 24.99


Ritchey Logic Pro WCS Bar Ends
These are made in Taiwan in 3 lengths , small, medium and large. The length and bend of the grip tube is the only variable between the models. All three are one-piece cold forged using backward impact extrusion of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. They come with Black plastic end plugs and use a steel cinch bolts. The short model is a ski-bend, the medium is a longer grip tube ski-bend, and the long is an L-bend model. All are painted Black. $ 37.99
Ritchey Logic Expert Bar Ends
These are made in 2 sizes, medium and large. They are the same length and bend as the WCS models. The Logic Experts are made in Taiwan using a two piece construction. The clamp section is melt forged of 6061-T6 aluminum. The grip tube is bent to shape and then bonded to the clamp assembly. These come with end plugs and use steel cinch bolts. They are available in painted Black or polished Silver. $ 23.99


Specialized A1 Dirt Rodz
A short length ski-bend model that uses an elliptical shaped aluminum grip tube welded to an aluminum clamp section. Made in Taiwan, these come with end plugs for the bar ends and the handlebars. The cinch bolt is steel. These are anodized in Blue, Black, Red or Silver. $ 19.99


Titec 99
These have a forged aluminum clamp section with a 3 1/2" long straight magnesium grip tube bonded to it. They come with Black bar end plugs only, and the cinch bolt is steel. Painted Black, these weigh 1051/2 grams. $ 37.99
Titec 130
A second version of the 99Õs is the 130, these have a longer bent grip tube with about 3 1/.2" of grip area before and after the bend. No handlebar end plugs are included, just the bar end plugs. Painted Black, with a 105 1/2 gram pair weight. $ 44.49
Wound Up Pixie Sticks
The only carbon fiber bar ends made, Pixie Sticks are manufactured in Utah. The Black anodized clamp is machined from billet 7075-T6 aluminum and bonded to a carbon fiber grip tube. The tube has a smooth sanded exterior and shows the carbon weave. Black plastic end plugs come for the bar ends only. The black cinch bolt is steel. $ 64.99
SRP Titanium Replacement Cinch Bolts
SRP makes a direct Titanium replacement for the 6mm x 1mm pitch steel cinch bolts used in many bar ends. The SRP bolt is machined from Ti 6Al 4V rod with rolled 6mm x 1mm thread pitch, with a 5mm hex head fitting. This bolt is available in two lengths, 12.7mm long or 20mm long
The weight of the 20mm long steel original is 6 grams, while the SRP replacement weighs just 3 1/2 grams, the 12.7mm long Ti bolt weighs 3 grams.
The 20mm long cinch bolts are used on the Answer Hyperends XC, Hill Bend, and Guardian models, Extreme Ti Antlers, Flite Rocket, Flite Rocket Stage 2 (4 required), Dewey, Dewey 2, Dewey Titanium, Gonzo Horneez, both types of Mountain Goat Granola Bars, Onza MT-02R, Onza MT-72R, Onza MT-74A, Onza RAW 110, Onza RAW 140, Profile XC Sierra Short and Long, Salsa Mango DÕamour, Scott ATNZ Short and Long, Single Track Short and Long Bar Flies, Single Track Titanium Bar Gnats and Bar Flies bar ends, Specialized Dirt Rodz II, the A1 Dirt Rodz, Titec 99 & 130.
The 12.7mm long cinch bolt can used with the Control Lite 1, Control Lite 2, and Control Team Issue, Icon 6000 Short & Long, Icon 7000 Short & Long, Onza RCR 160, Onza RCR 200, Ritchey Experts in Medium and long, Ritchey Long, Medium, or Short WCS bar ends, Wound Up Pixie Sticks.

6mm x 1mm x 20mm - each $ 5.99
6mm x 1mm x 12.7mm - pair $ 9.99
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