Onza Bar Ends


The Raw 110 are a ski bend, cinch style using aluminum tubing, with the cinch assembly and the grip tubing welded together. These are made in Taiwan and are very similar to bar ends sold under two other brand names, which are the Ritchey Logic and the Salsa Alloy models. To even a studied observer there is the appearance that three brand names are made in the same factory, which we believe to be Hsin Lung that also makes and markets their goods under the "Zoom" brand name. The cinch assembly is made using aluminum alloy that is cold forged or squeezed to its necessary shape. The cinch clamp is 22mm wide at the grip tube end and 18mm wide at the rider's end. The grip tubing has an outer diameter of 22.6mm, but the RAW 110 is among the "low profile" type and the tubing at the point where it is welded to the cinch clamp is squeezed to reduce its outer width to 19mm making it longer and taller vertically. The grip tubing is miter cut to contour the clamp shape and then TIG welded to the clamp assembly. The cinch clamp is drilled, tapped, and sawn through to create the clamping mechanism. The bolt used is steel mushroom head with a 5mm hex fitting. It has 6mm by 1mm pitched threads and is 20mm long, weighing 5.5 grams. The primary grip section has a 14 degree bend inward toward the front wheel. At three inches from the clamp the secondary grip section turns inward an additional 30 degrees, while it rises at a 45 degree angle for the remaining 1 1/4 inches. The Raw 110 ends come with Black plastic press-in plugs installed in the grip tubing ends, and there are two others for the ends of the handlebar. These are the same plugs that are used in the Ritchey Logic bar ends, Ritchey WCS grips, and the Specialized Dirt Rodz bar ends with just the logo molded in the end changed among them. The Raw 110 set is available in painted Black, or anodized in Lavender. The weight of a pair of Raw 110 bar ends, with the extra plugs is 123 grams. Price in Catalog


The RAW 140 is the L-bend version of the RAW 110 bar end set. The 140 uses the same clamp mechanism, bolt and end plug arrangement. The grip tubing is made low profile by crimping it prior to welding it to the clamp. The primary grip section like the RAW 110 model is welded at a 14 degree inward bend toward the front wheel and turns at about 3 inches from the clamp, to the secondary grip section. The secondary grip section rises at a shallower angle than the RAW 110 model, just 10 degrees upward, while it turns a further 60 degrees inward toward the front wheel. The secondary grip section is approximately 3 1./2 inches (89mm) long. The Raw 140 set is available in painted Black, or anodized in Lavender or Silver. The weight of a pair of Raw 140 bar ends, with the extra plugs is 153 grams. Price in Catalog


The RCR 200 is the longer, two position, L-bend version of the RCR160 set of bar ends. The RCR 200 is identical in materials and workmanship to the RCR160 except for the angles and length of the grip tubing. The primary grip section is again welded at the 14 degree inward angle toward the front wheel, with the bend creating the secondary grip section occurring again at 3 3/4" from the clamp. The secondary grip section is 3 1/2" long, with an added 60 degrees of inward bend, further toward the front wheel, while it rises at a 5 degree angle. Available in either Black or Silver, a pair of RCR 200 bar ends weighs 210.5 grams. No longer made, at the end we sold the RCR 200 for $14.99 a pair. Bar ends in Catalog

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