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The Lite I is short length cinch type, straight bar end from Control Tech. They are made in USA, from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. The cinch assembly is made from extruded aluminum, elliptically shaped with the wide area of the ellipse hollow to fit the handle bar. The extrusion is turned on a lathe, trimming away the area of the cinch bolt, then cutting the section to its 1 1/4" length, which becomes width on the handlebar. The cinch assembly is then bored front and back for the cinch bolt. Rather than merely threading the aluminum for the cinch bolt to turn into, Control Tech presses a stainless steel nutsert in from the rear of the cinch section, for the bolt to thread into. The grip tube is made from a straight section of 1.5mm wall thickness 6061 T- 6 aluminum tubing that is 4 inches long. The grip tube has well cut knurls spiraling up the final 3 3/8" to the tip. The cinch end of the grip tube is miter cut giving a continuous joining surface to the two pieces as they are TIG welded together. The straight grip section is welded to the cinch piece at a 15 degree, from handlebar perpendicular, angle inward toward the front tire. The Lite I bar ends come with tight fitting, sturdy, Black plastic end plugs for the grip section, and a pair of Rodon press in bar end plugs. The cinch bolt are made from hardened, nickel plated steel with 5mm x 1mm pitched threads that is 14mm long. Lite I bar ends have a hard anodized surface finish, and come in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. The pair with all the end plugs and the steel bolts weighs 131.5 grams. The pair of steel bolts weigh 10.5 grams and can be replaced with Titanium versions found at the end of this section. Price in Catalog


The Lite II bar ends are a derivative of the Lite I set. They use the same cinch assembly and bolt as the Lite I, which can be read about above. The Lite II, using the same aluminum tubing as the Lite I, has an L-bend style, with an extended grip tubing section, which is 8 1/2" long rather, than the Lite I's 4 inches. The Lite II's grip tube is welded at the same 15 degree inward angle with 2 5/8" of knurling in the center of it's 4 inch primary grip section. After the first four inches of extension, the grip tube bends both upward and inward. It slopes upward at a 16.5 degrees, while it bends inward, toward the tire an additional 50 degrees from the previous 15 degrees built-in from the welding to the clamp. The Lite II bar ends come with the same grip and handle bar end caps as the Lite I. The Lite II bar ends are hard anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, and Silver. The pair, with the original steel bolts, and all caps weigh 188 grams. Price in Catalog


There is a remaining variation of the Control cinch type bar ends. The Team Issue set is a dual position L-bend set of bar ends that were originally designed to be sold by another company in the bike industry that makes helmets and sells tires. When they passed on the design, Control Tech wisely decided to market the design under their own name. The Team Issue is made using the same raw materials and techniques as the Lite series. The cinch assembly is made identically to the Lite I cinch, except when it's turned on the lathe, the aluminum extrusion is cut so it contours the cinch bolt head more closely, reducing weight. The cinch bolt and nutsert are the same the Lite I. The grip tubing is made of two pieces of 6061 T-6 aluminum tubing, with a wall thickness that was micrometered to 1.6mm thick. The primary grip section is miter cut to closely fit the cinch section at the time they are TIG welded together. The primary grip section like the Lite models is welded at a 15 degrees from handlebar perpendicular inward, toward the front tire. It has 2 1/4" inches of knurled surface centered between the ends. The secondary grip section is TIG welded to the primary section, so that it tips upward at a 14 degree angle as it bends further inward toward the tire an additional 53 degrees from the original 15¡ welded into the primary grip section. The Team Issue bar ends come with Rodon plugs in the grip section tubing, and an another pair for use as handlebar end plugs. The Team Issue bar ends come in a Blue, Black, Green, Lavender, Titanium Grey or Silver anodized finish. With their steel bolts and all the end caps, the pair weighs 167.5 grams. Price in Catalog

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