Top Down Shapes of the Vetta saddle styles


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The Vetta SL Titanium is nearly the same saddle as above, with just three variants. The rear of the rear rail receiver blocks have a Silver "V" on them, and the Blue label on top is Green. Thirdly, the rail assembly is made of a single piece of 7mm thick Titanium 6Al-4V rod, to reduce the weight slightly.

As with the SL, the SL Titanium comes in a Racing style, (which is fashioned a little different form the other Vetta Racing shapes, please see silhouette), Womens, and ATB style. Our writing, is based on a production version of the Racing model SL Titanium only. At time of writing, the other two Womens and ATB were not yet available, as production models, in the US, so we don't have specifics on the exact shape or weight of the Womens or ATB. The Vetta SL Titanium Racing weighs 220 grams.

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