Top Down Shapes of the Vetta saddle styles


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The Vetta Lite is a straight forward racing style saddle made in Italy, by Selle Italia, with hollow Cro-moly steel rails to reduce the over all weight. The shell is made of fairly stiff molded nylon, with depressions under the rails for extra padding and comfort. The cushion for the Vetta Lite comes from a traditional molded high density foam rubber that contours the shape of the saddle. The rubber padding covers the top from nose to tail and tapers in thickness on the sides, feathering into the shell at the bottom. The saddle is covered with a smooth Black leather, that is stretched and wrapped over the entirety, then cleanly glued in place, including under the shell.

The leather wrapping the nose has special cuts made to help shape the leather to fit the outer and inner roundness of the nose area. The Vetta Lite has rear rail receivers molded as a part of the shell and suspends the rails away from the shell top by 1/4" permitting the saddle to flex up and down slightly to cushion the ride. The return curve bridge, at the front joins both sides, and the top of the shell, as well as the rail assembly. The rails are made from hollow, 7mm in diameter, cro-moly steel tubing that's painted Grey. The return curve is at the front, about 1 7/8 inches, (48mm), from the tip of the saddle. The Vetta Lite comes in Black or White and weighs 233 grams. Limited Availabilty

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Vetta Floating Air Saddle