Top Down Shapes of the Vetta saddle styles


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The Vetta Floating Air series of saddles uses slightly more traditional means to cushion the rider, though it still has the Vetta Shock Absorber (VSA) dense rubber compound at all the rail contact points but it has no gel. The Floating Air uses a nylon shell made of stiff molded nylon plastic then covered with several layers of padding material. The layer next to the shell is a waterproofed fabric, that is contact cemented to the shell, and makes a stable base for the upper layers. Above this fabric is two open celled foam pads, which Vetta refers to as a baffle, because open cell foam permits air to be squeezed out and pulled back in again, like a sponge does water. Over the two foam pads is a sealed air chamber which works like the gel does in the Vetta Lite Gel saddle, allowing give and rise to cushion shock.

The layer above the air chamber is made of closed cell foam padding, rather like the high density foam used in many other saddles. These layers are covered at the surface by a woven nylon fabric, with a dimpled Astrale cover, that Vetta refers to as a "Grip" fabric. This outer cover is stretched and glued to the underside of the shell, with plastic shrouds that cover the rail assembly. The shell and rail assembly are the same as the VSA saddle. The return curve is at the rear, with the Black painted, spring steel rail enclosed in a soft plastic shock absorber, located in a broad molded housing in the shell, that would be a rear rail receiver. The Vetta Floating Air comes in four styles, Mens (touring), Womens (touring), Racing, and ATB. A top down, silhouette image is provided above to show each of their relative sizes. These shots were done at exactly the same distance, so they show each of their shapes and sizes relative to each other. The exact weights and dimensions are provided in the saddle table. The rail ends are at the front 1 1/4" (30mm), from the tip. The Floating Air comes in Black only. Limited availability.

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Vetta Sl Cro-Moly Saddle