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The Turbomatic employs what Selle Italia calls the "full floating system", which is their version of saddle shock dampening through the use of rubber bushings beneath the receivers for the saddle rails. The saddle shell is made of molded nylon, with slight depressions in the pelvic area for extra thickness of foam padding. The shell is covered with a high density foam rubber padding that's thick on the top of the saddle, becomes less so at the sloping sides and feathers into the shell at the bottom lip of the shell. The Turbomatic is covered with Black leather that's carefully stretched and glued in place around the inner side of the saddle shell. The leather at the nose of the saddle has been carefully trimmed, within the padded structure, so there are no excess folds of leather leaving an awkward appearance. The saddle rails are made of Black chromed spring steel, with the return curve at the front, two inches from the tip of the saddle. Placing the return curve back from the tip this way, reduces the amount of steel and weight in the saddle.

The rear receivers are molded as a part of the shell and shaped as a hollow rectangle. Selle places a soft rubber rectangle, (about a 35- A softness), into this hollow receiver then has a Yellow block of nylon rest over it, into which the saddle rails are fit. The return curve bridge is also a hollow rectangle with a rubber piece and the Yellow nylon block for the return curve to rest in. The soft rubber pieces between the shell and the rails act as shock absorbers for irritating and stressful vibrations. Selle cuts the tail of the saddle with a "V" shape, lowering the height of the saddle, so aggressive riders can re-mount it from the rear with out anatomical difficulties, (get it?). The saddle tail has two molded nylon protectors that are screw fastened from the underside which shield the rubber assembly, leather edge, and the saddle from damage in a fall. From the rear, the left protector is Yellow and right one is Black. There is also a molded nylon nose cap which protects the front of the saddle similarly. The rail return curve is 2" inches from the tip. This saddle is available in Black or White with Yellow accents, and weighs 337 grams.

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