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The Selle Flite Transalp model has been available in Europe for some time but not made available for export to the United States except in small quantities recently. We have made separate and private arrangements to import them to the U.S. on our own. The Transalp Flite is almost exactly the same as the Flite with a slightly modified nylon base. As with the San Marco/Bontrager saddles, the sides of the Transalp's rear tail area of the have been cut away, narrowing the saddle, and reducing its weight slightly.

The Transalp Flite uses the same foam padding as the Flite, but cut away to narrow it in the rear. The Transalp is covered with smooth leather cemented down over the top, around the sides, and beneath the underside. The leather around the cut away sides is printed with a White "transalp" to easily distinguish it from the original Flite. Because the base is fundamentally the same as the Flite, the return curve and the rail assembly on the Transalp are the same. Available in Black leather only, the Transalp weighs 196 grams. $ Price in Catalog

Selle Italia Evolution Carbon Fiber Titanium Saddle