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Campagnolo Chorus, Record and Record OR Rear Road Derailleurs


The Record rear is Campagnolo's top of the line road racing rear derailleur. It can be used for 6, 7, or 8 speed shift applications. The body, right and left linkages are made of forged aluminum alloy that's highly polished and Clear anodized to a Silver color. Three of the four link pivot points use a pressed-in pin to join the body and links making repair or replacement of a failed link close to impossible. The mounting bolt (which weighs 20.5 grams), pivot bolt (which weighs 13 grams), and cable fastening bolt (2.5 grams), as well as the adjustment screws are made of steel. The Record has B-tension adjustment, high and low gear cam set adjustments, and a stainless steel convenience adjuster to take up cable slack that has a wing nut styled knob fashioned after a the tuning heads on a guitar for easy and fine adjustments. The high and low gear adjustments screws face you as you look at the changer on the bike, for ease of adjustment, rather than being on the left side of the left link. On the rear body piece there is an adjustment that increases or decreases the tension on the return spring. The Record has the shortest cage of the rear derailleurs we sell, just 46mm on center between the pulley bolts, which make this a very swift changer for straight block applications. Both plates of the pulley cage are made from forged aluminum. The pulleys (which weigh 33 grams per pair with caps) are traditional in structure, using a cast Teflon-like plastic that revolves on the pulley bolt (which acts as the pulley axle). The pulley has a dust caps that enclose both sides which are stamped from stainless steel plate. The steel pulley bolts, (which weigh 7 grams per pair), have a concave head with a 4mm hex fitting for removal. A 5mm hex wrench will install the Record rear and fasten the cable. Titanium replacements for the mounting, pivot and pulley bolts are available separately at the end of this section. The Record rear changer will accept a maximum rear cog of 26 teeth, has a 26 tooth total capacity and weighs 256 grams. Made in Italy $ Price in Catalog



Campy makes a variation of the Record rear with a longer cage. The Record Or model uses all the same body and linkage pieces with its only difference in the cage and the derailleur pulleys. The longer cage will allow the changer to be used with a lower geared cogset. Both cage plates are made of aluminum.. The pulleys use an bushing molded into the plastic shape with a machined steel inner bushing that revolves around the pulley axle. A stamped steel dust cap on each side closes the pulley to contamination. This is the same style of construction used on the Record changer but its dust caps are larger in diameter. The Record OR uses the same steel mounting and pivot bolts found on the Record and both are replaceable by SRP Ti versions to reduce weight. The steel pulley bolts are the same used on the short cage Record and replaceable with SRP Ti versions written about at the end of this article. The pulleys are spaced 67.5mm apart up from the 46mm of the Record road model. The Record rear changer will accept a maximum rear cog of 32 teeth, has a 36 tooth total capacity and weighs 263.5 grams. Italy Discontinued, there is very limited availability. $ Price in Catalog



The Chorus rear is a more affordably priced Campy rear changer for road riders that has all the function of the Record. The body and left link are made of forged aluminum and very strongly resemble the same pieces on the Record model. The pivot linkage is different. The Chorus has a steel pivot bolt built into the pivot linkage and the tension spring surrounds the permanently fastened pivot post. There is a steel post enclosure peened to the inner side of the inner cage plate that the tension spring anchors in. With the cage, and spring in the proper place a cir-clip slides accros the pivot post holding the major assemblies together. The pulleys use bushing construction and are the same ones found on the Record OR changer. The mounting bolt is the same used on the Record models and can be changed out with the SRP Ti version. There are also Ti replacements for the steel pulley bolts. The 7 gram per pair steel versions can be replaced with 4 gram per pair Ti models. Cage throw adjustments are made from the side of the changer as you face it. There is a convienent steel adjuster to take up cable slack shaped so fingers can get an easy grip. Like the Record all the major parts of the Chorus rear changer are riveted together. A 5mm hex wrecnh will turn to install the mounting bolt and also tighten the cable fastening nut. The Chorus rear changer weighs 246.5 grams and is a true deal relative to the Record considering their similarities and the lower weight. The Record rear changer will accept a maximum rear cog of 26 teeth, and has a 26 tooth total capacity. Made in Italy. $ Price in Catalog

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