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Joe's Brake Booster


The Joe's Brake Booster is well conceived and executed stiffener that is milled from aluminum plate that is 4.72mm thick. The piece is much larger than many other booster plates. It's total height is only 137.5mm but its total width 151.5mm. Most of the piece is milled way in the form of six large slots, leaving bands of material that are 5mm wide at the base of the arm and broaden to 7mm at the top of the booster plate. The inner height of the plate is 99mm and the inner width between the arms is 52.4mm.

The Joe's Booster comes with two different sets of spacers to make certain that there is direct fit for whatever type of brake is on the bike. There are also two sets of bolts sent with each Booster. Both have 6mm by 1mm threads, the shorter set is 25mm long with each bolt weighing 5.5 grams.

The longer set is 55mm and each bolt weighs 13.5 grams. The plate will work on cantilever studs spaced as close as 69mm and as far apart as 98mm. The plate weighs 63 grams. The most minimal set of hardware using the short bolts and flat washers weighs 14.5 grams. The most severe set of hardware by weight, using the long bolts and large aluminum spacers weighs 44 grams. The total weight of the Joe's Brake Booster could be as little as 77.5 grams or as much as 107 grams. The plate and all spacers are available anodized in Blue, Black, Green, Lavender or Silver.

Joe's designs was bought by the same ex-Bell Sports employees that own Crital Racing, Carmichael Pulleys, and Mantis Frames. This piece (if it will still be available) will be sold under the Critical Racing brand name. The Joe's name is expected to be retired. The Joe's derailleurs will be sold as a Carmichael.

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