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Tioga Dawg Tires


The Hound Dawg uses a complex design of tread blocks in angular shapes to achieve traction. It's tread blocks have a bigger base with narrower tops to help the tire keep free of mud. The side tread blocks have sidewall supports. The tire is made in Japan by Mitsuboshi. Though it's said to be made in two sizes 26 x 1.50" and 26 x 1.95", through normal distribution channels we have only been able to find the 1.95" width to be available. The 1.95" width is also to be available in a Kevlar bead but is also similarly unavailable, so the only versions we carry are the Skin or Black sidewall model with the steel bead. The Hound Dawg's tread rubber hardness tested at 68/A.

Hound Dawg 26 x 1.95 - Skin $ Price in Catalog
Hound Dawg 26 x 1.95 - Black $ Price in Catalog


The Mud Dawg, made by Mitsuboshi uses a tread block pattern to difficult to describe, but the tread image shows all. The side tread blocks have supports rising from the sidewall. The Mud Dawg is said to be available in either a steel or Kevlar bead, but practically speaking, we have only been able to source the Steel beaded version it. The 26 x 1.95" steel bead tire is available through us in either a Skin or Black sidewall The Black wall version is made using Black rubberized casing fabric so what appears to be sidewall is really exposed Black tire casing. We found the rubber hardness in both models tested to an 71/A hardness.

Mud Dawg 26 x 1.95 - Skin $ Price in Catalog
Mud Dawg 26 x 1.95 - Black $ Price in Catalog


The Trail Dawg is another Tioga tire made by Mitsuboshi, this directional tire is suggested by Tioga for front wheel use. It uses a complex set of multi-sided blocks for traction, with supports rising from the sidewall for edge tread block support. The tread block pattern would be too difficult to describe, you'll have to rely on the tread image to get an understanding of it. The Trail Dawg is made with a Skin or Black sidewall in a steel bead, or in a Skin wall Kevlar beaded version. We found the steel bead tires had a rubber hardness of 69/A, while the Kevlar model tested to a 67/A hardness.

Trail Dawg 26 x 1.95" - Skin $ Price in Catalog
Trail Dawg 26 x 1.95" - Black $ Price in Catalog
Trail Dawg 26 x 1.95" - Skin/Kev $ Price in Catalog


The Wonder Dawg is intended by Tioga to be available in both steel and Kevlar beads, we have been able to source only the steel bead version. It may be that Importers have been reluctant to inventory the Kevlar beaded version of a tire whose steel bead version is made in Taiwan. The Wonder Dawg is also said to be made in a 26 x 2.10" size but we have found only the 26 x 1.95" to be reasonably available, so our review will be about the 1.95" width of the steel bead model only. The steel bead tire we believe, to be made by Cheng Shin because of the marks near the chafing strip molded into the tire at vulcanization. It's available in either a Skin or Black sidewall model. The Skin wall Wonder Dawg uses a light color for the casing fabric rubber pigment that appears a little stiffer than normal casing rubber making it more technically a Gum sidewall. The Black sidewall model is made of Black rubberized casing fabric so its Black sidewall is really the exposed Black tire casing. The tread block pattern uses a centered multi-sided rectangular shape, which is flanked at its rear, on both sides, by a smaller multi-angled block. At the extreme edges on both sides of the large center block is a large square shaped block with sidewall supports, and a sipe in the tire forward direction across the top. The Wonder Dawg is marked with an arrow on the sidewall indicating the forward direction for the tire. We found both steel bead models had the same 66/A rubber hardness.

Wonder Dawg 26 x 1.95" - Skin $ Price in Catalog
Wonder Dawg 26 x 1.05" - Black $ Price in Catalog

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