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Specialized Pro Control & Shockmaster Tires


There are two sizes of the Pro Control, each with a similar but slightly different tread pattern. The two tread patterns are used to make four tire models, all have a standard Brown colored Skin sidewall. The Pro Control is referred to as a directional tire, so it can be used to advantage as a front or rear but has no directional markings on it to infer the proper rotation. The Pro Control comes in a 1.95" and 1.8" width. The tread pattern on the 1.95" width model replicates every 3 1/3". It has an open cupped shaped block with a long side resembling a check mark "Ã". The long leg of the check mark varies left to right with each iteration on the tire. These check marks run down the center. Grouped in pairs, each mark has a 8.2mm gap, with each pair having an 18mm space between them. Supporting sidewall blocks are used on each side of the check block. One is linked to the long leg of the center check mark blocks, with a separate sidewall block spaced 9mm from the shortleg of the check mark. The linking and separate block pattern follows with each of the center check blocks. In the 18mm gap between the pairs, 11.5mm long blocks appear on each side, with a 22.5mm gap across the center. The 1.8" wide tire uses nearly the same sized block but the spacing between the paired central check blocks has been reduced to 17.5mm tightening up the tread pattern. The 26 x 1.95" tread comes in three models, one wire with Black tread, the other has a Kevlar folding bead with Grey tread, the last a Kevlar folding with Black tread, all made in Japan. The wire bead, Black tread 1.95" measured a hardness of 65/A, the Grey folding model measured an A/60 hardness. The 26 x 1.8" tire is made in Japan, has a folding Kevlar bead and Grey tread with a measured hardness of 58/A. (Notice how little difference there is in the pricing of the Black tread models, do you think it really costs more to make the Grey tread?)

Pro Control 26 x 1.95" - Steel/Skin/Black $ Price in Catalog
Pro Control 26 x 1.95" - Kevlar/Skin/Grey $ Price in Catalog
Pro Control 26 x 1.95" - Kevlar/Skin/Black $ Price in Catalog
Pro Control 26 x 1.8" - Kevlar/Skin/Grey $ Price in Catalog


The Shockmaster comes in two models, both made in Japan, having a standard Brown colored Skin sidewall and a 26 x 1.95" size. One of them is wire bead model that has a Black tread, the other is Kevlar bead that has a Grey tread. The tread pattern on the Shockmaster repeats at 68mm intervals. At the center are two shallow cup shaped blocks. The larger is 23mm wide and 18mm tall. The point is blunted and there is a "V" shaped opening. A smaller version of this cup shaped block occurs 16.2mm on either top or bottom of the larger. The smaller is 16.4mm wide and 13mm tall. With the blunt side down, to the lower sides of the large cupped blocks, are to connecting blocks that form an exaggerated "V". The lower block of the "V" is in ground contact while the tire is upright. The upper block of the "V" has side wall support. The same exaggerated "V" flanking block pattern is also used around the smaller cupped blocks. The folding model had a durometric hardness of 58/A.

Shockmaster 26 x 1.95" - Steel/Skin/Black $ Price in Catalog
Shockmaster 26 x 1.95" - Kevlar/Skin/Grey $ Price in Catalog

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