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& Storm Control Tires


The Ground Control Extreme tire was released in 1991 model year capitalizing on the success of the Ground Control tire. The GC Extreme later became known as the "Extreme". The More Extreme, with a tread design by Wilderness Trail Bikes, is the successor to the Extreme tire which has been discontinued for the 1993 model year. The More Extreme is a 26 x 1.95" tire that's made in Japan. It has a steel wire bead and comes in a Skin sidewall only. The More Extreme tread pattern repeats at 1.8" intervals with just four large tread blocks comprising the pattern. Down the center is a horizontal tread block that resembles a "dog bone" with an off center break in it. Two of these "dog bone" blocks are used, offset at opposing sides with a 2.5mm wide, 4mm deep sipe running across the top. On the short side of each of the center blocks are large massive U-shaped blocks that have sidewall support. We tested the More Extreme tread rubber and found it had a hardness of 62/A.

More Extreme 26 x 1.95 $ Price in Catalog


There is a Kevlar beaded tire bearing the More Extreme name, but its tread pattern has little resemblance to the wire bead More Extreme. Made in Japan, this folding tire comes in two sizes, 26 x 1.95" or 26 x 2.5" and uses the Umma Gumma Grey rubber tread compound. The More Extreme/S has two multi-sided blocks designed on a U-shaped abstraction with the bases resting near each other. One of the U-shaped blocks is larger than the other. Between them is a 3.5mm wide gap. At the sides of each center block set is compound double block set that runs in the vertical direction, with sloping sides off the inner most of the two joining the outermost "edge" tread block. The edge block has supports that rise up to join it from the sidewall. Since there are no directional markings on the tire, a question remains as to which of the U-shaped blocks should be facing forward. Our durometer test for rubber hardness on the More Extreme/S 1.95" showed a 62/A hardness, while the 2.5" size was unavailable for testing.

More Extreme/S 26 x 1.95"- Kevlar/Skin/Grey $ Price in Catalog
More Extreme/S 26 x 2.5" - Kevlar/Skin/Grey $ Price in Catalog


The Storm Control tread pattern was designed by Wilderness Trail Bikes. The tire is made in two sizes, 26 x 1.8" and 26 x 2.2". Both are made in Japan, with steel wire beads and Skin sidewalls. The tread on the two tires is largely similar, but has differences. The 26 x 1.8" has tread blocks that are somewhat larger and in less number than those on the 26 x 2.2" sized Storm Control. The tread blocks down the center are bird egg shaped with the narrow end pointing outward. The top of the block is narrower than the base. The edge blocks again are in the shape of bird eggs with one third of the length cut from the narrow end. The 2/3 egg edge blocks are fashioned in a small and large size, with one small and one large placed in the same rank with each repetition of the tread pattern, so they alternate small, large, small around the circumference of the tire. The 26 x 1.8" size has sipes cut in the line of travel across the top of the large egg shaped tread blocks. The tread rubber hardness on both tested very close to the same, the 1.8" wide tire was 64/A and the 2.2" wide tire was 63/A.

Storm Control 26 x 1.8" $ Price in Catalog

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