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Top Down Shapes of the Vetta saddle styles

Vetta ATB - Vetta Mens Style

Vetta Racing Style - Vetta Womens Style

Vetta SL ATB Style - Vetta SL Racing Style

Vetta SL Womens Style


The Vetta Lite Gel Saddles are made in Italy, and use multiple layer construction that includes a layer of elastopolymer gel to soften the ride in the way that additional body tissue would. It begins with a nylon shell as the base for the layers. Over this shell molded high density foam padding is placed. The padding has molded into it, a trough, that runs nearly from end to end. In this trough a molded package of elastopolymer gel (this is the famous gel that is now used in gloves, seats, seat pads, and grips) is placed. The gel is covered by a layer of neoprene rubber for added softness, with a layer of Lycra over the neoprene which permits further movement or "squishing" of the gel, so the saddle can contour to your body. For weather protection there is a layer of PolyVinylChloride (PVC) plastic to waterproof the inner layers. Thick stretch Lycra or Astrale covering then surrounds the entire assembly. The Lycra or Astrale cover is glued at the bottom of the sides and on the underside of the lip. For additional protection the Lycra or Astrale is stapled on the underside of the tail. The Vetta Lite Gel saddle uses spring steel rails with the return curve at the rear of the saddle.

The rails end at the front, 1 3/8" from the tip. The return curve is 3 3/4" long and fits within a molded-in-the-shell housing. The Vetta Lite Gel Saddle comes in four styles, Mens (touring), Womens (touring), Racing, and ATB (mountain bike saddles are slightly wider at the tail because you sometimes land in odd ways). A top down, silhouette image is provided above to show each of their relative sizes. These shots were done at exactly the same distance so they show each of their shapes and sizes relative to each other. The exact weights and dimensions are provided in the saddle table. We have noted that the Racing model which should be physically the smaller of the four has an oddly heavy weight, we have checked it several times and our production specimen really weighed 431 1/5 grams. The Lite Gel saddle comes in one of two coverings, Lycra which is a smooth feeling woven nylon based material that has a texture and a grain. They also come in "Astrale" which an odd material that feels curiously like "moist human skin". Astrale is a fabric that is roughly 3/16" thick and has three layers. The bottom layer is a thin, thin foam padding that is bonded to a thin, nylon Lycra-like white fabric. The top layer is a 1/16" Black synthetic rubber material which is smooth but has a tacky feel to it. The surface feels like "moist human skin" and it amazes people who feel it. The Vetta Lite Gel saddles are available in Lycra or Astrale only.

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Vetta Vsa Gel Saddle

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