Vetta Saddles

Top Down Shapes of the Vetta saddle styles

Vetta ATB - Vetta Mens Style

Vetta Racing Style - Vetta Womens Style

Vetta SL ATB Style - Vetta SL Racing Style

Vetta SL Womens Style


Made in Italy, the Vetta VSA brings something new to the Gel saddle market. It has many things in common with the Vetta Lite Gel saddles. They have the same six layer construction (read above) on a very similar nylon base. The outer Lycra or Astrale covering is glued to the sides and the underneath of the lip. There are no staples holding down the covering under the tail, instead there is a large molded plastic housing that is screwed down with the same type of screw the Selle Turbo Super uses (but it is well known, in the industry, that Selle Italia makes many of the Vetta saddles with just a Vetta for Selle Italia name change). The Vetta VSA Gel Saddle uses spring steel rails with the return curve at the back of the saddle. The rails end at the front, 1 3/8" from the tip. The return curve is at the back, to provide a broader support.

The return curve is 3 1/4" wide, with a pocket of what Vetta calls "gel", but is really a dense, soft plastic compound with serrations on top to provide a bit more give, that surrounds the rail. This is the Vetta Shock Absorber system and provides additional fanny shock protection, (see inset). The Vetta VSA comes in four styles, Mens (touring), Womens (touring), Racing, and ATB. A top down, silhouette image is provided above to show each of their relative sizes. These shots were done at exactly the same distance so they show each of their shapes and sizes relative to each other. The exact weights and dimensions are provided in the saddle table. The Vetta VSA Gel Saddle comes in one of two coverings, Lycra which is a smooth feeling woven nylon based material that has a texture and a grain. They also come in "Astrale", (see above). The Vetta VSA saddles are available in Black Lycra or Black Astrale only. Limited availability.

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Vetta Lite Saddle

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