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Gonzo Hub Skewers


Mudslingers don't rely on a cam shaped lever to lock and hold them onto the bike. Instead, there is no lever and the Titanium 6Al-4V skewer rod is really a bolt with a conical head having a hex fitting. Mudslingers come as a set of four pieces, a front skewer, a rear skewer and a seat bolt, (all pretty much the same with just a different length for the bolt shank section), and a ratchet which tightens them all. The conical bolt head diameter varies from 11.5mm to 12.6mm over the 10.5mm length of the exposed head. The head is drilled and broached to make an 8mm hex fitting. At the bottom of the hex 5mm deep fitting is a small 4mm hole tapped with threads that are 4mm by .8mm thread pitch. At the base of the bolt head is a 7.9mm diameter shoulder that an aluminum contact washer slides up to and fits around. The machined aluminum washer has a serrated steel ring peened onto the 18.8mm diameter washer. The steel serrations face into the fork blade. The skewer nut is also made of machined aluminum, and also has a serrated steel ring peened to face into the fork blade. To make adjusting nut easy to grip, a groove is cut around the circumference with a Black rubber O-ring for finger grip. The Mudslinger set also comes with a ratcheting "socket-type" drive to turn the bolt tightly into the nut. The ratchet is made of three die-cut pieces of plate aluminum with a steel drive wheel capable of locking in the forward or reverse direction. The drive end fits the hex fitting on the bolt head. The ratchet also has a threaded aluminum insertion bolt that threads through the center of the hex drive and seats into the threads at the bottom of the hex fitting. After fitting the hex drive into the bolt head, the insertion bolt is threaded into it, when seated the 3" long drive provides the leverage to tighten the bolt solidly into the nut. The front Mudslinger skewer weighs 25.5 grams, the rear weighs 29 grams. The included seat bolt will tighten from a 35mm width down to as little as 16.7mm and weighs 16 grams. The ratchet drive weighs 27 grams. Mudslinger are available with the aluminum washers and nuts anodized Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver.

Color-B-BK-L-S / T $ Price in Catalog
replacement ratchet (Color-B-BK-L-S) $ Price in Catalog


Gonzo is the only one of the after market replacement skewer makers to realize there may be an interest in changing just the heavy adjusting nut of most production skewers. Each of these nuts is conical in shape, with a groove cut around it for a rubber O- ring that provides a finger tip grip. Most skewers use the same thread pattern used for water bottle bolts, 5mm x .8mm thread pitch. The Gonzo nuts have 5mm x .8mm tapped threads. The Gonzo nut 10mm of thread, and a serrated steel contact face peened to the aluminum nut. Each Gonzo nut weighs 6.5 grams. Compare this to these which it will directly replace, Campy Chorus (18.5 grams), Campy Record (24.5), Campy Record OR (7 grams), Mavic (16.5 grams), New Shimano LX (7.5 grams), Shimano XT (11 grams), Shimano 105SC (8.5 grams), Shimano Ultegra (9 grams), Shimano Dura-Ace, Suntour Superbe Pro (15 grams), The Gonzo nut are sold in pairs anodized in Blue, Black , Lavender, or Silver.

Color-B-BK-L-S $ Price in Catalog

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