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Scott Clip-On Handlebars


Known for some time as the "Lemond Clip-On Bar" because of a famous riders use of the bar, the Clip-On provides an aerodynamic capability to any Drop style Road Racing bar. The "clip-on" notation has to do with the remarkable ease and speed in putting on or taking off these bars. In fact a stage racer can clip the bars on for a time trial and remove them swiftly for the road or criterium stages and eliminate the need for a second bike. For a recreational cyclist, their installation is simple because they don't require the removal of the brake/shift levers, and they add a clean look while introducing the aerodynamic benefits. The Clip-On is made of two aluminum grip tubes, with a 22.3mm outer diameter and a 1.7mm wall thickness, fastened to two aluminum upper clamp pieces. These upper clamp pieces appear to pressed and bonded into the grip tube end. The lower clamp piece interlocks within a channel in the upper piece. The lower piece is held in place and the clamp assembly is tightened with a steel bolt. The bolt has 8mm x 1.25mm threads, with a 17.5mm length and a 12 gram weight. The arm rest cups are molded of plastic. They are held in place by a steel clamp that is drawn up and tightened by a steel bolt that passes down through the arm rest cup. A 1/4" thick self adhesive, Grey, foam pad covers the top of the arm rest cup. The open ends of the grip tubes are joined and closed with what is called a "bar bridge". The bridge uses two wedges that slide against one another, like a stem wedge, expanding their diameter as a bolt from the front is tightened. Once the bar bridge is tightened, then the bar clamps can be finally tightened. The clamp system permits a full range of adjustment of the angle (or attitude) of the Clip-On. The arm rests give your forearms a place to push down against as you grab the bar bridge. The Clip-On comes in four sizes, 11", 12", 13", or 14" lengths. The measurement is the total length of the grip tube including the curved and raised portion. In each case, the center of the upward bend occurs exactly at the half way point in the grip tube. The aluminum parts of the Clip-On bar are all wet painted in a metallic Grey color. The plastic pieces, (the bar bridge and the arm rest cups) come in either Neon Yellow or Black. The 11" long Clip-On has an on the bike weight of 455 grams, the 12" long has a 467.5 gram weight, and the 13" weighs 481 grams. Please specify both length and color.

Width-1-2-3-4 / Color-BK-Y $ Price in Catalog


Scott had a new bar that arrived too late to be reviewed. It will be covered in the future. It comes in a 12" or 13" extension and has a Black finish.

Width-2-3 $ Price in Catalog

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