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Scott Grips


Scott Hurricane grips are made of a Kraton rubber compound, that has a crisp tactile feel. Your hand grip feels firm, and solid. The inner end has a small flange, with a groove for wire application just behind it, so you can twist a piece of wire around the grip to make sure it doesn't rotate or slide off the bar unexpectedly. The palm area is made of raised rectangular ridges with depressions for your hand to grip and mold into. At the center is a separate reinforced groove for wire application. The outer end is flanged so without looking you will know when your hand is securely around the grip. Hurricane grips are made in Blue, Black, or Red. They weigh 87 grams a pair, have a durometer hardness of A/49, and are 4.5 inches long. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


Scott AT4 grips are made of Kraton rubber. Their styling is a little different than other grips. The palm side of the grip, is round in shape and thicker than the front so down hill road shocks are absorbed by the palm easily. The front (finger side) of the grip is fashioned as half of hexagon, so there are three flat surfaces that are thin against the roundness of the handlebar. The Hex design fits a curved finger perfectly and the thin walls on the front of grip permit the road "feel" you need to do interpretive steering. The outer end is open, with no flange or flaring. AT4 grips come with soft Black plastic end caps that slide between the grip and the handlebar. Made in Blue, Black, Grey, or Red. They weigh 87 1/2 grams per pair, with end caps, have a durometer hardness of A/45, and are 5.0 inches long. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


The AT-Pro grips are made of molded Kraton rubber. The palm side of the grip molded in a round shape with fine ribs, and the finger side of the grip fashioned as a half hexagon, smooth on two surfaces, ribbed on the front surface. The AT-Pro grips come with hard Black plastic end caps that press into the end of your handlebar. Made in Blue, Black, Clear, Grey, or Red. They weigh 91 grams per pair, with end caps, have a durometer hardness of A/49, and are 4.9 inches long. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


The AT-LF is Scott's closed cell neoprene foam grip. This allow a lighter weight grip with some real padding substance. The AT-LF is made in the same shape as the AP-Pro, round, in essence, with two horizontal strips of reduced thickness, on the lower half, making it a hex shaped bottom. The top half is left in the round shape. The upper half, where the grip has the full material thickness is 7mm (.27") thick. The thickness of the thinner horizontal strips is 5mm. The "Scott" name is lightly seared into the side of the grip on the outer end of the thinner strips. The final 10mm at the outer grip end reduce in diameter, and 10mm from the inner end is a 12mm wide depression. The grip is 5" long, open at both ends, and have a durometric hardness of A/25 (Black). They are available in Black or Grey with a grip pair weight of 32 grams. Also included are two of the plastic Rodon end plugs discussed in the Handlebar Extension overview. These Black press-in plugs have an added pair weight of 5 1/2 grams. At the moment, because these are newly introduced, these are fairly pricey for what they are. $ Price in Catalog


$ Price in Catalog

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