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Ritchey Brake Pads


These brake pads are made in Lake Oswego, Oregon using Mr. Ritchey's design, by Kool-Stop. The pad is 68.5mm long and 17mm high. The Logic pad has a rim contact area 68.5mm long that is flat on the bottom, with an arching top reaching an 11mm height at its apex. This arch mimics the shape of the rim. Two 1.5mm wide sipes allow water to drop through the pad. The Logic pad uses a 6.93mm diameter non-threaded aluminum post with a 28mm useful length. The post, and added metal to give the pad structure, is imbedded into the molded brake pad.

Now to talk about pad compound and brake pad color. As we've said Kool-Stop is the actual maker, these pads are made using the same plastic-like material that the Eagle Claws are made of. Ritchey sells the Logic pad in a Black and a Red color, with the Red color expected to be used for "severe weather". This red for sever weather would lead you to believe that there were made with some unusual or different property or material. We can't find it. Both pads feel the same, they both test by durometer to have an A/90 hardness. In our learning about grips, we found that as a practical matter changing the rubber compound, or the hardness of rubber composition is rarely ever done once the maker has a knowledge and confidence of how a certain material works.

We know that Kool-Stop can, and has, added color to brake pads to cosmetically enhance them before, without the coloring affecting the hardness or braking ability. Anyone who went through adolescence in the 1980's will remember the 10 colors that Skyway¨ Tuff-Pads came in. Kool-Stop made the Tuff Pads, and this appears to be just a coloring of the pad (in fact, these are the same color as Red Tuff-Pads). We want to point out that both Ritchey and Kool-Stop insist there is something different about the Red rubber compound, but we can't determine what it is. Blindfolded, we tried to pick out a Black Logic pad from a Red Logic pad and were unable to discern the difference.

So here's the advice, buy Red pads if you like the way Red will look on your bike, Black if you don't care, and maybe Eagle 2's if you want to save money. Logic pads are sold in pairs, and have a pair weight of 45 grams. Made in USA.

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