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Paul's Brake Levers


The Paul Love Levers are made in USA from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, The Love lever uses the traditional pivoting handle to pull the brake cable. The clamp piece is cut from a single piece of aluminum with a 3" length, a 1" height and just over a 1/2" width. The clamp itself is cut leaving a 1.5mm thick wall to surround the handlebar. The steel bolt used to bind the clamp is a water bottle braze-on bolt with 5mm by .8mm threads and a 10mm length. The bolt has 4mm hex fitting and 3 gram weight. The center of the pivot is placed 30mm from the forward face of the clamp.

The Love Lever's handle encloses both sides of the clamp with the pivot joining both aluminum parts. Instead of using a steel bolt, the pivot is a machined and honed stainless steel bushing that is hollow. It has a lip on one end that shoulders against the handle, then passes through the clamp section and on through to the other side of the handle. Thin stainless steel friction reducing washers are placed between the handle and clamp on both sides.

The pivot piece is kept in place holding the parts together by a cir-clip. The handle section is nicely machined leaving smooth edges and lines. The milling performed to fit the brake cable is beautiful. Love Levers rely on custom machined aluminum cable barrel adjuster pieces. The aluminum adjuster has 7mm by 1mm threads with a cut through the side to allow the adjuster to revolve around the cable. The fixing nut for the adjuster is also machined from aluminum. There is a steel screw used to adjust the lever reach. Like most other brake levers, it's on the clamp assembly and when it's tightened the screw presses against the lever not allowing it completely close when released. This feature is so smaller hands can fully use the lever. Unlike the mass produced lever sets, the Love Levers don't have a return spring so the springs in the brake arms will have to close the lever. The area for finger grip is 65mm long and intended for three fingers. Love Levers are available anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. They have a pair weight of just 118.5 grams. Made in California.

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