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Paul's Engineering Moon Units Cable Carrier

These were the first high quality replacement cable carriers to come to market. At the time they were a novelty because everyone had been to the steel and stamped aluminum factory mass produced type, and people thought it was machining overkill. This year, 1994/95 everyone sees this as a quick easy small trinket to make a profit from, and Paul Price was first.

The Moon Unit is machined from plate aluminum in an arched shape. The piece is milled to make 3 thicknesses. The top of the arch where the brake inner wire passes through is 7.33mm thick. The center area where an oval of material is milled away is 1.88mm thick. At the bottom, there is two troughs that the straddle cable lays in and hangs from. These troughs are 5.48mm thick with a cut is made across the top that is 2.35mm wide. The middle area between these two troughs is milled away to allow extra length of inner wire to pass through.

The Moon Units use a cable end clamp to cinch the carrier from the inner wire. The end clamp is machined from 8mm hex rod stock that is drilled with a 2.48mm hole through the rod. The piece is turned to make the hex stock round for 8mm of the 13.5mm length. The interior of the piece is drilled and tapped with 5mm by .8mm threads. The brake inner wire passes through the top of the arched aluminum carrier, into and through the now hollow rod piece. A steel 5mm x .8mm x 10mm bolt tightens against the cable, clamping it to the outer aluminum barrel. The steel bolt weighs 3 grams and can be replaced with a Ti version of the same by using a Ti water bottle cage bolt, they are the same.

Moon Units are sold in pairs, anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. The needed 4mm hex wrench to tighten the bolt isn't included. Each of the 2 Moon Units weighs 6.5 grams. Made in USA.

Color-B-BK-L-S $ Price in Catalog

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