Scott Bar Ends


Scott USA, well known for handlebars also makes handlebar end sets. The ATNZ-LF uses an aluminum extrusion as the basis of its cinch assembly. The extrusion is cut to 29/32 of an inch in length, which becomes "width" on the handlebar. This is just slightly wider than the 7/8 inch outer diameter aluminum grip tubing section. The tubing section is miter cut to contour the clamp extrusion, so there is continuous contact at the joining surfaces. The Tubing is TIG welded to the clamp piece so it tucks at a 9 degree angle, from handlebar perpendicular, toward the front tire. The tube itself is 5 1/4 inches long, with an inward bend occurring 3 3/4 inches from the clamp. This bend adds 15 more degrees of inward angle for the last 1 1/2 inches of grip tube. After welding, the lower side of the clamp is drilled through, producing a slight recess for the cinch bolt head, and the bolt hole is tapped with threads for the cinch bolt. The cinch assembly iscut sawn through, to create the clamping mechanism. The cinch bolt is made of nickel plated steel, with 6mm x 1mm thread pitch that is 16mm long and weighs 5.5 grams. ATNZ ends also come with 4 Rodon press-in Black plastic end plugs for the tubing and handlebar ends. The Scott ATNZ Short ends come in anodized Black or Lavender, the weight of the pair with steel bolts, and the 4 end plugs is 129.5 grams. Made in USA. Price in Catalog


Scott also makes an L-bend version of their ATNZ-LF bar ends. The grip tubing is longer and bent a little differently, but the cinch assembly and the four end plugs are identical. The grip tubing section is 8 inches long, and welded to the cinch assembly at the same 9 degree angle. The inward bend to the secondary grip section begins 3 1/2" from the clamp. The bend adds 70 1/2 degrees to the inward angle for the remaining 4 1/2 inches, and gives a slight, just 5 degree upward bend to the secondary grip tube. The ATNZ Long is made in an anodized Black or Lavender color, with steel bolts and end plugs the set weighs 139.5 grams. Made in USA. Price in Catalog


Scott makes a less expensive version of the LF Short model that has the same bends and tubing diameters but has the grip tube and clamp section bonded together rather than welded. Made in a brushed Silver finish. Price in Catalog


The ATNZ Long is the bonded version of the Long ATNZ-LF. It Uses the same tubing and bends but has a separate clamp and grip tube which are bonded together lowering production costs. The ATNZ has a brushed Silver color. Price in Catalog

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