Craig Bar Ends


Craig Metalcraft produces from 6000 series aluminum alloy, an extremely lightweight set of handlebar extensions, they call Bar- Acudas. The Bar-Acuda cinch assembly is made from extruded aluminum cut to a 1 1/8" length, (which will become "width" on the handlebar). The piece is milled to radius the bottom edge. The front of the cinch piece is drilled for the bolt, recessing the head, then tapped for the cinch bolt. The bottom is then sawn through lengthwise to open and create the clamping mechanism. The 5mm allen headed cinch bolt is nickel plated steel, with 6mm diameter by 1mm thread pitch that is 14mm long, and weighs 5 grams each. The grip tubing section is TIG welded perpendicular to the cinch assembly with broad based, cleanly pulsed welds. The grip tubing has a 1mm wall thickness, and is 6 1/2" long. It has a sweeping bend beginning 1 1/2" from the handlebar, ultimately becoming a 50 degree inward angle from straight ahead. Bar-Acudas comes with four molded Rodon press-in, Black end plugs, for the grip tubing, and handlebar openings. Available in anodized Blue, Black, Lavender or Silver.. a pair of Bar-Acudas with plugs weighs 132 grams. Made in USA. Price in Catalog

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