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Odi / Flite Controls Longhorn


In 1993, by an agreement between Steve Driscoll then owner of Flite Controls and Jeff Lurkis, then owner of Ornate Design, Inc. known as ODI to grip users there was a merger of the two companies. It was then called ODI/Flite Controls. This merger failed and ODI separated itself from Flite Controls. ODI realized that its sucessful existance was tied to bike makers using their grips as original equipment and selling grips to wholesale distributors while Flite Control was selling dealer direct, an impractical way for ODI to do business. The Longhorn is combination bar produced in Taiwan for them by Hsin Lung. The Longhorn is made of straight gauge, 7075 aluminum alloy tubing, its temper is unknown. The center 2 1/2" is bulged, with horizontal knurls, bringing the outer diameter to the required 25.4mm standard for stem binding. The remainder of the handlebar tapers down to a 22.2mm outer diameter. There is a slight bend backward, starting at 1.3 inches from the center bulge on both sides. This introduces the 3 degree bend common on many ATB flatbars. The first bend creating the bar extension, on each side turns the tubing smoothly past the 90¡ mark so the bend ends slightly inward toward the front tire and provides roughly 5 inches of grip area. The bar extension's second bend making the secondary grip area takes the tubing very directly inward to the front tire while it rises slightly producing a classic L-Bend bar extension. The secondary grip section is 3 1/4" long. The inner diameter of the tubing at the end is 18.7mm. Two Black plastic press-in end caps are provided to close the tubing ends. The total width, outside curve to outside curve, of the Longhorn is 560mm (22 1/16"). The Longhorn comes in 5 anodized colors, Blue, Black, Lavender, Red, or Silver, and weighs 263 grams, the end caps weigh 6.5 grams for a total system weight of 269.5 grams. This bar is no longer imported and Zooms own Brahma bar is a near identical replacement. The Longhorn sold for $39.99

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