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MRX Ti Combo Bar


You know, everyone here in California loves Mexican food, and it seems that Steve Mc Mahon is no exception. This is Mc Mahon Racing Cycles' first entrant into the combination handlebar market. The tubing for the Cantina is made by Haynes, which among the American Titanium tubing mills well known for the quality of their seamless tubing and its alloy composition. The Cantina is made of straight gauge, non-tapered, Ti 3Al- 2.5V alloy tubing with a 8/10th millimeter wall thickness. It has no center bulge and uses a 2 1/4" long, Black Delrin plastic shim to build the center dimension from the 22.2mm outer diameter of the tubing up to the required 25.4mm standard needed for the stem's binder system. The Delrin piece when tightened is an improvement over the machined aluminum shims used in the past because the traditional "creak" has been eliminated. The aluminum shims permitted the handlebar to rock slightly within the shim and the binder system making a "creaking" sound as body weight shifted from one side of the bar to the other. The tube has 4 bends. There is a slight bend backwards at 2 3/8" inches from each side of center. These are made at either a 3¡ or 5¡ angle and give the bar its traditional rearward sweep. The remaining curves at the ends create the bar extension element, smoothly curving the handlebar through the bend so the ends face inward slightly toward the front wheel. The bar extension moves forward 5 1/4" from the handlebar and there is no added upward angle to bar extension. The tubing ends are plugged using the Rodon cap described in the Bar Extension section of this book. The Cantina has a 575mm (22 5/8") width measured outermost curve to outermost curve. The handlebar is available in a 3¡ or 5¡ bend, has the natural Titanium Grey color. The 3¡ bend model weighs 186 grams. No longer made, the Cantina bar sold for $119.99

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