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Carbonworks Handlebar


Carbonworks based in the central valley of California has developed a relationship with an aerospace engineer fearful that further job cuts in his industry would leave him out of work. The answer was to develop a partnership in making and selling Carbon Fiber based replacement parts for bicycles. Their handlebar has been highly successful. The Mtn Assault isn't made in the traditional carbon fiber fashion. It's made of a thermo-plast material that has as its basis a braided carbon fiber. This braided material, unlike other carbon fiber material requires no further epoxy resin to harden and give structure to the finished product. This "non-pre-pregnation" carbon fiber material when heated within a steel to a particular elevated temperature cures, and hardens. The fiber material is layered over and around an inflatable form, which gives it the approximate finished shape. The Mtn Assault has a 6061 aluminum tube at the bulge to absorb and dissipate some of the stem's stress. The interior of this bulge tube is said to be threaded to hold it in position during the cure phase. Each end of the bar also has very thin aluminum rings with interior threads. These rings at the bar end are to absorb added compression stress from handlebar extensions. With all the parts in place, the partially set material is put into a two piece mold that heats and forms the outer shape of the bar. With the metal mold heated, and the inflatable form forcing the fiber material toward the outer walls, the bar heats, cures and hardens to its final shape and weight. The center bulge has a 25.4mm outer diameter, with the aluminum tube covering 1 1/2" of the bulges 2" length. The diameter reduces to 22.2mm for grip installation toward the bar end. The two piece mold leaves two fine lines, one on the front the other on the rear, running the length of the handlebar, (like the Klein bars using "proprietary" techniques). The Mtn Assault is 22 1/4" (585mm) long, has a 3 degree bend and weighs 125 1/2 grams. Each bar is tested before leaving Carbonworks to make sure that, though light, meets certain safety criteria. The bar has a dark Grey color. This handlebar is no longer available. We sold it for $89.99

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