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Archival Review of Suntour XC Pro Brake Levers


The Suntour XC Pro levers are made by Dia-Compe's Japan company and have many design similarities in common with the SS-5, SS-7, and Logics. These levers are known as the "2 finger" type. Suntour once had a longer finger grip section version of these levers. That type is no longer made but was known as the "4 finger" XC Pro lever.

The XC Pro lever is made of two aluminum sections. The handle and clamp section are bolted together using a steel bolt with a conical recessed head and a 3mm hex fitting for tightening. The bolt has 5mm by .8mm threads that anchor into a separate cadmium plated steel hex nut on the bottom side of the lever. To reduce friction between the moving handle within the clamp housing, two nylon washers are used, one on the top, the other on the bottom. The steel return spring pushes the lever closed when released by the hand. The spring is coiled with one end anchored into the handle and the other end pushing against the interior of the clamp housing, like the SS-5 and Logic levers.

The brake cable convenience adjuster and its fixing nut are made of aluminum. The adjuster has 7mm by 1mm threads and has a machine knurled outer surface for sure grip. The aluminum fixing nut also has a knurled outer surface. The lever fastening bolt is made of steel. It has 6mm by 1mm threads, a 4mm hex fitting for tightening, is 15.5mm long and has a 5 gram weight. Like the other Dia-Compe manufactured levers we've reviewed, the XC Pro levers have a steel set screw to adjust the lever's "throw" when released by the rider. Tightening the screw with a 2.5mm hex wrench pushes the lever closer to the handlebar making it easier for a small hand to use and control.

The handle section of the lever is 100mm long from the bolt holding it to the clamp section to the tip of the grip. The area for fingers to grip the handle is 80mm long. The finger grip area of the handle is cushioned by a dense Black rubber coating.The XC Pro levers are have a Black handle, Clamp section, and convenience adjusting pieces. Like the Logic levers, the XC Pro levers also come with a heavy duty brake cable set. The pair weight of the XC Pro levers only is 216.5 grams. Made in Japan.

No longer made, these sold for $49.99 a pair in both the 2 finger and the long throw version.

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