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Avocet Vertech Altimeters

This comes in three versions: Alpine, Ski, and Pilot. All three models have the same basic functions: Present Altitude, Temperature, Clock, Date, Alarm, Max Altitude, Timer, Trip Ascent/Descent, Total Ascent/Decent, Average Ascent/Decent per hour (per minute on Ski), Air Pressure, and Trip Splits. Alpine measures ascending functions and has a wrist watch band. Ski and Pilot measure descending functions. Ski has an oversize Elastic wrist strap to fit over your ski jacket while the Pilot has a standard wrist strap. Black Granite or White granite, or Green finish only $ 129.99

Replacement Vertech CR 2032, 3 volt Lithium Battery $3.99

Avocet 25 Computer

Blue, Black, Purple, Red, White $ 29.99

Avocet 35

The Avocet 35 has a single large 10mm tall display line and comes with an Oversize Fork mount that will fit on to any fork. The displayed functions are; Current Speed, Maximum Speed (per ride), Average speed, Trip Distance, Total Distance, Stopwatch (timer) and 12/25 hour clock. It has Auto start/stop and a Pace Arrow function which shows if your present speed is above or below the average speed for the ride. Includes 2 wheel sensors holders to work on any spoke quantity or pattern. It has a total on the bike weight of 53 1/2 grams. Blue, Black, Purple, Red, White. $ 39.99

Avocet 45

The Avocet 45 has the same functions as the 35 with a few additions. It gives you cadence, if you buy the optional cadence kit, and it has a Gear-Inch calculator that again requires the optional cadence kit. Gear inch is the distance your bike travels per each revolution of the crank and should vary with the gears. This function will allow you to learn where gear ratio overlap occurs in your drivetrain. Once you become familiar with it you will be able to look at your display and know the exact gear you are in. The 45 has a 2 line display. The larger, 8.5mm tall, upper line is used for Current speed, Trip Distance, or Ride time (stopwatch). The other functions are shown on the lower 5mm tall line. The 45 also allows you to have one split average time and distance. Includes new oversize fork mount and wheel sensors holders to work on any spoke quantity or pattern. It has a total weight on bike of 53 grams. Blue, Black, Purple, Red or White $ 48.99

Avocet 55 cyclometer/altimeter

This will in some way replace the Vertech which it is theorized will be off to another outdoor company. The new Model 55 should be available in April of 1997 $ 129.99

Avocet Cadence Kit

Allows you to add Cadence and Gear-Inch to your Avocet 45, or just Cadence to the now discontinued Avocet 50 if you own one. $ 19.79


Avocet Wireless Mount for the Model 35 or 45 or 55 $ 29.99
Avocet 20/30 Battery $ 3.99
Avocet 31/35/40/45 Battery $ 3.99
Avocet Magnetic Wheel Ring for 24/28/32/48 Spoked Wheels $ 4.49
Avocet Standard Length Wire set - Mounting Kit $ 9.99
Avocet Long Length Wire set - Mounting Kit $ 9.99
Avocet Rear Wheel Mounting Kit $ 12.99
Avocet Front Wheel Mounting Kit $ 12.99
Avocet Rear Wheel Sensor $ 4.99

CARDIOSPORT Heart Rate Monitors

This company was started by a 2 former Polar executives that saw a market opportunity.

New 97 CARDIOSPORT LIMIT target zones with audible alarm $ 74.99
New 97 CARDIOSPORT ZONEROBIC 4 target zones with alarm, water resistant $ 94.99
New 97 CARDIOSPORT EXEL 4 zones, timers, samplint, alarms $ 124.99
New 97 CARDIOSPORT PARTNER 4 zones, caloric burn, timers, clock $ 138.99
New 97 CARDIOSPORT SHAPER Partner with watch and intensity function $ 154.99
New 97 CARDIOSPORT 2001 has everything; HRM, clock, medical $ 199.99
CARDIOSPORT START Heart Rate Monitor $ 89.99

CATEYE - Scan List for prices

Cateye has decided that goods will only be popular if they are sold through retail stores. Accordingly, The Cateye computers are for sale in our retail store only.

Cateye Astrale

The Astrale always displays Current Speed continually, with Cadence, Maximum Speed, Total Distance (odometer), Trip Distance, Average Speed, Stopwatch, and the Clock available on a second lower line. The clock display in 12 or 24 hour time and there is an auto start/stop function with the wheel movement. The upper line is 9mm tall with the lower 4.5mm tall. Made in Japan, Black, Purple, Green. $ 34.99

Astrale CR 2032, 3 volt Lithium Battery $ 3.99
Astrale Replacement 166-5120 wheel magnet $ 5.99

Cateye Mity II

Our best selling, and most reliable cyclometer! It has 7 of the same functions from the Astrale. It lacks the Cadence function, but uses the same two line display for all the other information. Made in Japan, it comes in Black. $ 26.99
Cateye Mity II - Rear Wheel Mounting Kit $ 14.99
Cateye Mity II Wheel Magnet $ 4.99
Cateye Mity II / Specialized Speedzone 1 CR 1620, 3 volt Litium Battery $ 3.99


It has 7 of the same functions from the Astrale/Mity 2 and is scheduled to replace the Mity 2 . No Cadence but uses the same two line display for all the other information. Made in Japan, it comes in Black. $ 22.99

Cateye Cordless 2

The cordless uses wheel movement to judge the bicycle rate of speed and transmits it without wires from the fork area transmitter to the handlebar mounted receiving computer. This computer is a cordless version of the 7 function Mity 2 and uses the same two line display found on the Mity and Astrale. It has an auto start/stop function and will shut the system down after an hour of no activity. The cordless has a dual tire size memory which allows it to be used with two different types of bikes easily, that have two different wheel diameters, if you have a second bike mounting kit. The Cateye cordless is the most reliable of its type. It has a total weight on the bike of 65 1/2 grams. Black only $ 59.99

Cateye CC-HB100 Heart Rate & Cyclometer

The HB-100 is a programmable heart-rate monitor and cyclometer all built into a single system. It uses a two line display, with the primary line 8.5mm high and the lower line 4mm high. A secondary window in the upper left of the display presents your current or average (selectable) heart rate in beats per minute 6mm high. Current speed, up-dated each second is on the upper line. Maximum speed, Average speed, Total Distance, Trip distance, Stopwatch, and 12 hour clock are on the lower line. It also calorie consumption, as a function of heart rate monitor x time x average speed calculation displayed on the lower line. It has auto start/stop for the bike functions and a sleep mode which shuts the system down after 1 hour of disuse. The on the bike weight of the computer, bracket and wire harness is 62 grams. The Heart Monitor uses a wireless transmitter worn on the chest. The transmitter and strap weigh 82 1/2 grams. Made in Japan. Black only $ 74.99
Cateye CC-HB100 Replacement Heart Rate Transmitter and Belt $ 44.99
Cateye CC-HB100 "Second Bike" Extra Mounting Kit $14.99

Cateye CC-AT100 Altimeter

How many feet did you climb today? The AT100 will tell you from 1050 to 17,400 feet above sea level. The At-100 will tell you altitude gain or loss per session and total gain/loss since installation. It has a 2 line display. The upper line is 8.5mm tall, the lower is 5mm tall. The upper line is used to tell Current Speed, Altitude gain or loss, or its Current temperature. The lower line displays Current Altitude, Average Speed, Stopwatch (ride time per session), Trip Distance, Total Distance (odometer), Maximum Speed that session, or a 12 hour Clock. The altimeter is reset each session to calibrate for the current barometric pressure. It has auto start/stop and a sleep mode that shuts down the system after an hour of disuse. The screen is back-lit so you can light the display in dark surroundings. The complete on bike weight of the system is 70 grams. Made in Japan, Black $ 74.99

Polar Heart Rate Monitors - Scan List for Price

Polar Accurex Plus Heart Rate Monitor with Night Vision

It monitors Current Heart rate, Average Heart Rate, Recovery Heart Rate, Hi/Low Target zones (with audible alarms to let you know when you into or out of the zone), Clock, Total Time in Target Zone per session. It maintains 44 samples from your session at specific intervals for later analysis, and has a Stopwatch. The backlit display allows you to use it at night. Made in Finland, Grey only. $ 227.99

Polar Edge

The Polar Edge is a two line display Wireless Heart Rate Monitor. The upper line is 8mm tall and displays the current heart rate or Clock (which also has an alarm). The lower line is 4mm tall and displays the time spent in the target zone per session and the seconds of the clock. An audible "beep" sounds when you enter or exit the programmable target zones. It can be mounted on the handlebar with a bar mount accessory. It auto starts with your session when the receiver gets a heart beat from the transmitter, and is by far our best selling HRM! $ 154.99

Polar Beat

The most basic HRM in the Polar family, it gives you your current heart rate only. Wrist mount. Made in Hong Kong, Grey or Teal $ 99.99

Polar Favor

The Favor like the Beat displays Current Heart Rate only, but can be handlebar mounted using the optional bar mount accessory. Black only $ 97.99

Polar Pacer

The Pacer has a single line, 10mm tall display. It has Current Heart Rate, Hi/Low Programmable Target Zones, a Timer, and Clock. Audible "beeps" alert you when you move into or out of the target zones. It has a 12 hour clock with an alarm. $ 139.99

Polar Vantage XL Nightvision

The Vantage is the HRM for real, serious analysis of session workout or measuring recovery from heart treatment. It has every function you could reasonably want. The 3 line display is backlit. It has a clock, stopwatch and clock alarm. It can be programmed with 2 timers to measure the session heat rate and the cool off period. It has the capability of sampling and storing at regular intervals 1920 heart rate measurements, which is 2 1/2 hours of information with samples taken at 5 second intervals. The sample data can be transferred via an optional computer interface to a personal computer for further statistical analysis and graphing against previous sessions. In all pretty amazing capability. Black $ 349.99

Polar Pro Trainer

The Pro Trainer is an upgraded version of the Edge which adds stop watch and Average Heart Rate. $ 199.99
Polar Edge/Favor Handlebar Mount $ 6.99
Polar Wrist/Bike Strap & Black Foam Handlebar Mount $ 10.99
Polar Replacement Transmitter & Strap
The sealed type for 1992 & later Polar HRM units. $ 79.99

Polar Advantage Computer Interface

PC or Mac version - this program and hardware interface wirelessly records and displays statistical information about any of your training sessions and retains the information for future analysis. $ 439.99

Polar Cross Trainer - new for '97

Has wireless cycling compouter transmitter for the front fork that transmits to the handlebar mounted reciever unit. A separate chest worn wireless heart transmitter sends current heart rate to the same handlebar receiver. The display allows both types of inflrmation to be displayed simultaneously. It is also posible to use the Polar Computer Interface to downlowd for further study the specifics of your workout. The Cross Trainer sells for $ 269.99
*** SIGMA SPORT BC500 $ 20.00
*** SIGMA SPORT BC700 $ 28.00
*** SIGMA SPORT BC1100 $ 34.00

Vetta -

Vetta VHR-50 Lumina Cross Trainer

The VHR 50 combines a 7 function Cyclometer and wireless HRM into a single compact unit that mounts on the bike handlebar or can be worn on a wrist watch style holder to use in sports other than cycling. It uses a large 2 line display. The upper line is 9mm tall, the lower is 8mm. The computer functions are Current Speed, Maximum Speed per ride, Average Speed per ride, Trip Distance, Total Distance (odometer), Trip Timer and Clock. The Heart rate functions permit you to program a set of upper and lower target zones. The heart rate display will flash when you are out of the zone and stop flashing when you inside them. It keeps track of, and will display the total time per session spent inside the target zone.
The VHR 50 features a backlight display to make night viewing possible. The computer/HRM "head" rotates 90 degrees counter clockwise and it can lift out of the handlebar holder and then replaced in reverse in the wrist watch styled holder. In the wrist version, all the cycling functions are in-operable. Total weight on bike of computer/hardware of 65 1/2 grams. Hong Kong $ 89.99
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