Turner Frame Advisory


To: All Turner frame owners
Re: Frame inspection

It has recently come to our attention that some Turner frames being ridden at the Grundig World Cup downhill circuit have been showing signs of stress cracks as a result of severe downhill use. With the advent of downhill - specific componentry (wider rims, heavier tubes and tires, high rise handlebars, long travel forks, disc brakes, etc.) we are seeing not only increased speeds on the race course, but excessive load forces on the frame as well.

Durability of our frames and the well-being of those who ride them is of paramount importance to us. Therefore we are urging that all Turner frames be thoroughly inspected for stress cracks. These may appear as a minute crack at the head tube / down tube junction, specifically along the underside of the down tube at the edge of the head tube weld. Please understand should any problems be discovered Turner Bicycles wil promtly repair or replace the frame at our discretion.

We also want to emphasize that this frame is designed specifically for cross country purposes only, and there is little need for concern. However, the frame is not intended for extensive downhill training and racing, as failure may result and cause severe injury. We strongly caution against using the Turner in this way. If so used, Turner Bicycles will not be held responsiblefor personal injury, and all warranty claims may be voided.

Based on the experience we've gained in international racing, Turner Bicycles is excited to offer a reasonably priced, limited production downhill-specific frame in 1996. This new model will incorperate frame design changes theat are tailored especially for this purpose, and will take both durability and performance to the next level. Look for an upcoming announcment later this year.

This notice is being sent to those customers who returned a warranty card, as well as to all Turner dealers. Should you have any questions about this matter please call us. We apologize for any inconvenience this inspection may entail.

Thank you

P.O. Box 1229 - Eagle, Colorado 81631

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