Specialized Handlebar/Brake Recall

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August 16,1995 



WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC), Specialized Bicycle Components of Morgan Hill,
Calif., is recalling 3,585 steel rigid forks on 1995 Stumpjumper mountain
bikes and 52,868 handlebars on all models of 1994 Rockhopper mountain
bikes.  Specialized has received reports of handlebar and front brake
failures, which could result in serious injury to bicycle riders. 

     In addition to recalling and replacing the rigid forks on 1995
Stumpjumpers, Specialized is recalling and replacing all YC-A125PB
handlebars, which were originally equipped on the following 1994
Rockhopper models:  Rockhopper, Rockhopper Sport, Rockhopper GX,
Rockhopper FS, Rockhopper Comp, and Rockhopper Comp FS. 

     Specialized has received over 10 reports of injuries associated with
broken handlebars. 

     Authorized retailers sold mountain bikes with these recalled parts
nationwide.  Specialized is supplying authorized retailers with
replacement parts for the rigid forks and handlebars. 

     Consumers with 1995 Stumpjumper mountain bikes or 1994 models of
Rockhopper mountain bikes should stop using their bikes immediately and
bring them back to their authorized dealer for an inspection and fork or
handlebar replacement free-of-charge.  Consumers with questions about this
recall can call Specialized Bicycle Components toll-free at (800)
214-1467.  Direct media inquiries to Reed Pike, Quality Control manager,
at (408)779-6229 ext. 2576. 

  To order a press release through fax-on-demand, call
(301) 504-0051 from the handset of your fax machine and enter the release
number.  Consumers can obtain this release and recall information via
Internet gopher services at cpsc.gov or report product hazards to
info@cpsc.gov.  081695, CPSC Specialized Ann. Bike Brake, Handlebar
Recall, handlebar and front brake failure

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