Avid Voluntary Recall Announcement
This does not affect current inventories for sale. The brakes affected by this advisory are all in use by riders at this time (10-2-95)

 Avid, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of Avid Tri-Align II
Brakes shipped by Avid during the time period of December 1, 1994
to March 20, 1995. The pad adjustment screws may break which could
cause loss of control of the bike and injury to the rider. As of this
date three screws have failed in non-riding situations, either during
or shortly after tightening.

 The problem is in the way the screws were heat treated by the screw
manufacturer. Not all brakes shipped during this time period are
affected. Only pad adjustment screws with knurled heads, shipped
by Avid between the above dates are affected by this recall. All
other screws, either knurled or plain (smooth) head, are unaffected.

 Owners of these brakes should stop riding immediately and go to
the dealer where they were purchased to pick up replacement screw
packets, which include complete replacement instructions, or call
Avid for replacements. Any further questions may be directed to Avid,
Inc., (303)762-9353.


If you are not mechanically competent, have a qualified bicycle
mechanic make the necessary changes according to the instructions.


1. To replace the pad adjustment screws in the Avid Tri-Align II
    Brakes remove and replace one screw at a time.

2. Make sure that the two washer are installed of the screw in the
   proper order. Split washer goes on first, thin washer goes on second.

3. Maximum tightening torque for all bolts - 320 Ncm OR 28 Inch Pounds.

If you have any questions regarding installation please call

Avid Enterprises, Inc.
2875 W. Oxford Ave., #7
Englewood, CO 80110 USA

303-762-9353 - FAX 303-762-1133
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