Mr. Tuffy Tube Protectors

MR. TUFFY TIRE LINER - The Next Generation

Several years ago Mr. Tuffy tire liners were introduced, and we'll confess that we were, at first, unimpressed in looking at them, because they are an extruded urethane plastic strip between 1 and 2mm thick with tapered edges that is put in the tire, between the tube and the interior tire casing. The idea of using pliant plastic that's harder than rubber seemed just too simple. We also thought it was a pricey item, considering its raw material cost. After we had sold a few sets of Mr. Tuffy, customers started coming back and telling us how well they worked. In one case a woman witnessed her son, while on a ride, rolling over upturned barbed wire without puncturing the inner tube. Her amazement caught us like a virus, and we now recommend them whole heartedly. As we mentioned Mr. Tuffy liners are extruded plastic whose thickness varies with the type of tire and its width, that it will be used in.

They are thickest at the center, tapering to a feathered edge at the sides. The original Mr. Tuffy liner has now been superseded by "Mr. Tuffy The Next Generation" which have a second Black plastic lamination on the tire facing side. This second Black plastic lamination is affixed permanently to the liner, and feathers smoothly into its surface. The Black laminate is made from a harder and more "slippery" plastic which helps prevent tube punctures by barring or deflecting penetration. We sell Mr. Tuffy TNG in six sizes. Each size accommodates a specific tire diameter with a range of widths, and each size is made in a different color which eases their identification. They are packaged and sold in pairs, below are the colors, sizes ranges, and weight per pair for Mr. Tuffy TNG.

Orange - 27 x 1 - 1 1/8" 700 x 25-30c - 113 g. $ Price in Catalog
Red - 27 x 1 1/4-1 3/8" 700 x 28-35c - 127 g. $ Price in Catalog
Blue - 24 x 1 3/8" - 117.5 g. $ Price in Catalog
Gold - 700 x 32-41 - 210 g. $ Price in Catalog
Silver - 26 x 1.5-1.6-1.75-1.9-1.95" 197 g. $ Price in Catalog
Brown - 26 x 2.0-2.125-2.25" 268 g. $ Price in Catalog

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