Slime Liquid


Slime is an aftermarket liquid sealant that seals punctures in Schraeder tubes up to 1/8" in diameter. It is inserted into the Schraeder tube by removing the valve core and squirting it into the tube from its squeeze bottle. Slime when exposed to air and under pressure covers the interior of the puncture, then hardens and seals the air leak, all while still riding your bike.

One application will seal many leaks, working over and over again. Four fluid ounces are required for an average bicycle wheel and Slime is bottled in 4 and 8 ounce sizes. A plastic split top valve cap for valve core removal and a vinyl tube to help insert the Slime into the valve stem are included with the bottle.

Slime - 4 ounce bottle $ Price in Catalog
Slime - 8 ounce bottle $ Price in Catalog

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