Michelin Airstop Tubes


We sell two tubes made by Michelin of butyl rubber. They are ultra, ultra lightweight for road riders who want the lightest in a butyl tube without going to the expense of Latex rubber tubes. These very thin walled tubes have a small, well constructed seam near the valve, necessary as a part of the larger weight reduction. The lighter of the two tubes has a nominal size of 650 x 20c which means, strictly speaking, that it isn't intended for 700c tires.

But, as we have said, tubes are very forgiving in these matters and, with care, it can be used successfully in any 700 x 18/25c tire. The other AirStop has a nominal size of 700 x 20c to fit a 700 x 18/25c or a 27 x 7/8-1" tire, it has an additional 7 inches of inner tube length. The extra length may make it more convenient to install, but brings a 4.5 gram weight penalty.

AirStop 650 x 20c - Presta - 64.5 grams $ Price in Catalog
AirStop 700 x 20c - Presta - 69 grams $ Price in Catalog

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