Tire Levers


Imported from Holland and marketed by Kool-Stop, Sport tire levers are without a doubt the best of the multiple lever sets made, and was used intensely to mount and dismount the tires for all the images (photographs) in this tire section. The three Black levers that comprise the set are molded with reinforcing ridges on the rear.

Each lever has a tapered cup front end and a hook at its rear to catch and hold onto a spoke for those very tight French Kevlar beaded tires. The 3 levers slide and snap into a Red carry clip whose back side can be used to buff or finely scratch a tube area prior to patching, so the patch adhesive will stick. The weight of this marvelous 3 lever set with clip is just 42.5 grams, they are easy to take with you and will last a lifetime. $ Price in Catalog

Kool-Stop Racing Tire Lever Set
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