Latex Tubes


For the serious road rider with a purist sense in the tube they use, we offer one model of an ultra lightweight, unadulterated latex tube. Because it is Latex it will have to be re-inflated before each ride. The reason for using a latex rubber tube, beyond weight reduction, is its added suppleness (butyl rubber tubes have more stiffness).

The tube conforms quickly to changes in the tire's shape through turns and over obstacles. This tube has a 77 inch circumference to fit a 700c diameter tire with a diameter between 18 and 25c or a 27" wheel with a diameter between 7/8" and 1 1/8". The tube is made in Italy, comes in a Presta valve model only, and weighs, with nut and valve cap, just 49.5 grams.

Latex 27 x 7/8 - 1 1/8" 700 x 18-25c - Presta - 49.5 g. $ Price in Catalog

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