Air-B Tubes


Air-B tubes have sold in the United States for several years under three brand names. For the longest time a company called Madison imported and packaged them as "Madison AirSeal Latex" tubes. Madison, as an organization, is now called "Delta". The original maker was Air-B of France, who has now set up distribution in the US through sources other than Madison/Delta to establish their original Air-B brand name.

The Air-B tube is made of Latex rubber so it brings with it the weight reduction and suppleness that makes Latex tubes so desirable. Remember Latex tubes permit air to leak slowly through its surface. One of the benefits of butyl rubber tubes is that butyl rubber retains air under pressure ten times as long as Latex. Air-B has attended to the Latex air porosity problem by what they refer to as "thinly lining the interior tube wall with butyl rubber". This interior lining brings the air retention to near non-Latex standards. We sell 16 models of the Air-B tube. Prices and weights are listed in the Catalog page. $ Price in Catalog
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