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The Hardpack II comes in two tire sizes 26 x 1.8" and 26 x 2.20" both are made in Japan using a steel bead, and both have a Skin sidewall. These tires were designed by the Wilderness Trail Bikes organization for Specialized to have manufactured and sell. The tread pattern is a highly complex weave of multi-shaped angular blocks which are beyond reasonable description. A look at the tread image, we hope, will suffice. The tread pattern is the same on both sizes merely enlarged to fill the width of the 26 x 2.20" tire. We found both models of the Hardpack II tires tested to the same rubber hardness, 67/A. $ 14.99


The Rock Combo's tread block pattern was designed by Wilderness Trail Bikes for Specialized. It's made in Taiwan, using a steel wire bead, and has a darker than average Skin sidewall. The 26 x 1.95" tire uses a 43mm long hour-glass shaped tread block down the center of the tire. The hour glass shape has a sipe across the middle with the supply and collector funnel shapes hollowed. At the edges, spaced 4 to 5mm from the hour glass shape are tread blocks based on a rectangular shape with cut corners on the inner side. The vertically rolling side tread block have supports rising from the sidewall to provide an outer tire "edge". We found the tread rubber tested to a hardness of 65/A.

RockCombo 26 x 1.95" - Skin $ Price in Catalog
RockCombo 26 x 1.95" - Blk $ Price in Catalog


The CrossRoads II tread pattern was designed by Wilderness Trail Bikes. It is made in Taiwan using a steel wire bead, and has a darker than average Skin sidewall. The tread pattern on the CrossRoads indicates that it's for largely pavement use. The small square tread blocks that run in an offset pattern down the centerline of the tire are joined by a thin ridge of tread to minimize the sound of tread blocks hitting the pavement. To the side of each of the center blocks are 3mm high U-shaped blocks with wide spaces surrounding them for grip in fine loose material. The edge tread block has supports rising off the sidewall to give them greater firmness. The edge blocks are U- shaped or T-shaped depending on the which side of the centerline, the square tread block is located. The CrossRoads II we tested had a tread rubber hardness of 66/A.

CrossRoads II 26 x 1.50 $ Price in Catalog

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