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Made in Japan, the 26 x 1.9" Force Racing K is a variation of the Quad tire. It has a Kevlar bead, a Skin sidewall and is available only with the WCS soft tread rubber compound in Black. The tread design uses two rows of four tread blocks to make a single repetition of its tread pattern, which repeats at 1.05" intervals around the tire. The square block with the concave sides used in the Quad is seen here in a 4mm size, with a circular dimple on top. This time the edge of a complete square block rests on the centerline with the block extending completely on one side. A small edge block rises from the sidewall on the side of center that the square occupies. The open side of the centerline has a small 4mm tall block that looks like just the edge of a square block, and just past this, toward the tire edge, is a 7mm tall block made from two of the small blocks joined. The preceding and following rows are a mirror of this one, reversing the blocks shape and position. The center blocks on the Racing K are not joined. The WCS tread rubber on the Force Racing K had a hardness of 63/A.

Force Racing K 26 x 1.9" - Kevlar $ Price in Catalog


The 26 x 2.0" Mod Quad takes the basic three tread block row of the Quad and updates it slightly with a variation on the MegaBite Over and HardDrive patterns. The center blocks used on the HardDrive are cut short, moved to the centerline and joined with a common ridge to silence the tire on pavement. The remaining two blocks in each row are borrowed from the OverDrive side and edge blocks. The Mod Quad is made in Taiwan, with a steel bead and a Skin sidewall. The tread rubber tested to a hardness of 64/A.

Mod Quad 26 x 2.0" - Skin $ Price in Catalog


There are two versions of the 26 x 1.4" Tom Slick tire, one with a standard wire bead the other with a Kevlar. Both models come in a Skin sidewall only. The steel bead version is made in Taiwan, while the Kevlar bead model is made in Japan. Both tires have the same tread pattern. The tire is directional with arrows molded into the sidewall indicating the forward rolling direction. The tread is made up of a 13mm wide smooth center with "elephant tusk" shaped grooves on each side of the center. The grooves are 3.5mm wide at the tire center and taper to a point as it reaches toward the sidewall. The grooves are spaced 10mm apart around the tire with their position staggered left and right at 5mm intervals. The rubber tread isn't thick enough to accurately measure the hardness of the tread rubber on these tires. At tread center, on both models, the entire tire is just 3.5mm thick, which includes the three layers of rubberized casing fabric.

Tom Slick 26 x 1.4" - steel $ Price in Catalog
Tom Slick 26 x 1.4" - Kevlar $ Price in Catalog

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