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We include this tire because there are so few 24" diameter tires that have what would be considered an aggressive tread. The Fire Trail bears an Advent label though it's made by the Kenda tire company in Taiwan. Advent is the marketing brand name used for parts and accessories by Service Cycle, which also imports and markets the Mongoose brand of bicycles. The Fire Trail is a 24 x 2.1", steel wire beaded tire with a Black sidewall. The tire is made of Black rubberized casing fabric so what appears to be a "sidewall" is really the exposed Black tire casing fabric. It is a directional tire with arrows on the sidewall pointing the forward rolling direction of the tire. The tread pattern is based on three rows of blocks that repeat every 2 1/2 inches around the tire. The tread blocks are a complex set of multi-shaped blocks, best described by a look at the tread image. The edge tread blocks have a shallow sipe that runs vertically in the same line across each tread block. The row of center tread blocks also have a sipe running vertically in the same line at the both edges of the single center tread blocks, and down the middle of the pair of center blocks. We found the Fire Trial's tread rubber had a hardness of

65/A. Fire Trail 24 x 2.1" $ Price in Catalog

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