Shimano Specifications

Weight Comparison

This page is designed for comparisons and will be best viewed on a wide screen.

Series Current Ultegra New Ultegra
Shift/Brake Lever513.9 g420.0 g
Rear Derailleur223.1 g212.0 g
Front Derailleur106.2 g85.0 g
Front Chainwheel656.2 g649.0 g
Bottom Bracket272 g220.0 g
Brake404.8 g340.0 g
Hub211.5 g195.0 g
Freehub429.6 g405.0 g
Cassette Sprocket252.1 g220.0 g
Chain333 g304.0 g
Ultegra Total 3402.4 g3050.0 g
XTR W/ Roller Guide W/O Roller Guide
RD-M950 Rear derailleur207.0 gn/a
RD-M951 Rear derailleur225.0 g201.0 g
SL-SS95 Shift Lever (rear only) 59.0 g