Shimano Specifications

Shift Levers

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Series XTR Deore XT NEXAVE Alivio/Acera X Altus C90
FeatureST-M950 ST-M951ST-M739ST-T400ST-EF30ST-EF20ST-EF25
Lever type Rapidfire-SLRapidfire-SLRapidfire-SLEZ-fire-PlusEZ-fire-PlusEZ-fire plus
Rear8-speed SIS8-speed SIS8-speed SIS8-speed SIS 7-speed SIS7-speed SIS7-speed SIS
Front 3-speed SIS3-speed SIS 3-speed SIS 3-speed SIS 3-speed SIS 3-speed SIS3-speed SIS
SL outer casing SP40 SealedSP40 SealedSP40 SealedSP40 SealedSP40SP40SP40
SL cable adjustL & RL & RL & RL & RL & RLL
Optical gear display Detachable/ Above handlebar Detachable/ Above handlebarDetachable/ Above handlebarDial TypeDial TypeDial Type Dial Type
Stainless SL CableX XX OptionOption
Lever Type V-BrakeV-BrakeV-Brake V, Canti, Roller brake Canti brakeCanti brakeCanti brake
Lever Size 1.5 finger1.5 finger1.5 finger3 finger2.5 finger2.5 finger Short Reach
Brake Cable Type W-typeW-typeW-typeT-typeT-typeT-typeT-type
Stainless BL Cable OptionOptionOptionOptionOption
Power Adjuster X X X
Servo Wave X X X
Reach Adjust X X X X X
Cable Adjust X X X X X X X
Brake Lever Aluminum /Anodized Aluminum /Anodized Aluminum /Clear Coated Aluminum /Anodized Aluminum /Barrel Aluminum /Barrel Aluminum /Barrel
Brake BracketAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /Painted
Rear compatible with SL-SS95