Shimano Specifications

Chain (CN)

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Feature Model No. CN-IG90 CN-IG70 CN-IG51 CN-IG31 CN-HG70 CN-HG50 CN-7700 CN-HG92
XTR./Deore XTDeore LXSTX-RC/STX/Alivio/NEXAVESTX/Alivio105SC/RX100Acera X/Altus C90/RSX/300FXDura AceUltegra
COLOR Pen link plateSilverSilverSilverGray BlackBlackNi-PlatedSilver
COLOR Roller link plateSilverGrayGrayBlack GrayBlackNi-PlatedGray
Chromizing treatment link pinXXX XXXX
Notes: Super Narrow for 9 speedSuper Narrow for 9 speed