Shimano Specifications

Brake Levers

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Series XTR Deore XT Deore LX DX STX-RC NEXAVE Alivio Tourney
FeatureBL-M950BL-M739BL-M601 BL-M600MXBL-MC40BL-T400BL-MC16BL-TY21
Brake lever for canti brake X (and Roller) X X
Brake lever for V-brake X XX X X X
Brake lever size1.5 finger 1.5 finger1.5 finger 1.5 finger 1.5 finger 3 finger 2.5 finger2.5 finger
Brake Cable Type W typeW type T typeT typeT typeT typeT typeU type
Stainless BL cableOption OptionOptionOptionOptionOption
Power Adjuster X XX X X
Servo Wave XXX X X
Reach Adjust XXX X X X X X
Cable AdjustX XX X X X X X
Brake Bracket

Aluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedSteel /Resin covered
Brake Lever

Aluminum /AnodizedAluminum /Clear coatedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /BarrelAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /BarrelAluminum /Barrel

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