Shimano Specifications

Front Chainwheel

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Series Dura Ace Ultegra 105SC RX100 RSX 300EX
FeatureFC-7700FC-6500 FC-6503FC-1056FC-1057 FC-A551 FC-A550-TFC-A415 FC-A410 FC-A413FC-A300
Chain ring53-42T, 52-39T, 53-39T53-42T, 52-39T, 53-39T52-42-30T53-42T, 53-39T, 52-42T 52-42-30T53-42T, 53-39T, 52-42T52-42-30T52-42T46-36T46-36-26T52-42T
ChainSuper narrow HGSuper narrow HGSuper narrow HGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG
PCD (mm)130130130/74130130/74130130/74130110110/74130
Chain Guard Available AvailableAvailable
Bottom BracketBB-7700BB-6500BB-6500BB-UN52BB-UN52BB-UN52BB-UN52BB-UN52BB-LP26BB-LP26BB-CS12
Chain line 43.5 (mm)109.5109.5 MM107MM107MM107MM110 D-H
Chain line 45 (mm)118.5XL118 D/NL XL118
Crank Arm Lengths 165XXXX X X
180 X
Crank arm Aluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /Anodized Aluminum /PaintedAluminum /PaintedAluminum /PolishedAluminum /PolishedAluminum /PolishedAluminum /PolishedAluminum /PolishedAluminum /Polished
TopAluminum /Nickel Plated Aluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedSteel /Pearl Bright
Middle Aluminum /Anodized Aluminum /Anodized Aluminum /Anodized Steel /Pearl Bright
LowAluminum /Nickel PlatedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /AnodizedAluminum /Anodized Steel /Pearl BrightAluminum /Anodized Steel /Pearl Bright Steel /Pearl Bright