SRP Titanium Replacement Bolts


This is a Titanium replacement bolt for the micro-adjusting seatposts using an 8mm by 1.25mm thread pitch that is 41mm long. It takes the standard steel bolt, that weighs 21 grams, and replaces it with a 6mm allen head Titanium bolt that weighs just 10 grams. It is a direct replacement for the fastening bolts found on the Mavic 337, SR Laprade, SR TCO, SR TCO Sport, Ritchey Pro, Ritchey Comp, Kalloy Aluminum, Kalloy Cro-moly, and Tioga Carbo posts.

8mm x 1.25mm x 41mm $ Price in Catalog



These are made as a direct Titanium replacement for the Shimano XT, an indirect replacement XTR and, if you ever see any, the Dura-Ace Aero post, and the now discontinued Deore DX seatpost. The bolt is made of Titanium 6Al-4V rod with an 8mm by 1mm thread pitch. The solid bolt (18-91-834) is 34 millimeters long, while the hollow version is 29 millimeters long. Both can really be used interchangeably, though nominally the hollow bolt is for the XTR post. The original steel ones these replace weigh 18 grams. The SRP bolts having a 6mm hex head weigh just 9 grams in the solid version and 5.5 grams in the hollow version. A final model also solid is made, and can be used in the Campy Record post. This bolt is 8mm by 1mm thread pitch, 41mm long and solid. It weighs 11 grams in the Titanium version instead of 17.5 grams in the steel version. The added two millimeters over the original Campy bolt are negligible and do not impair performance.

8mm x 1.0mm x 34mm-solid $ Price in Catalog
8mm x 1.0mm x 29mm-hollow $ Price in Catalog
8mm x 1.0mm x 41mm-solid $ Price in Catalog


The bolt is made of Titanium 6Al-4V rod with a 6mm by 1mm thread pitch, and is available in a 20mm, 25mm, 33mm, 45mm, or 55mm length. The 20mm length weighs less than 3 grams and replaces the bolts used on the Control Post, Mountain Goat, Kona, or the MRC post. The 33mm long bolts weigh just under 5 grams, and replaces the steel clamping bolts, weighing 8 grams, in the American Classic, Kingsbery, ARR - Gordon and RinglŽ. We are also including two additional lengths for which we know of no present seatpost application though you may have a separate interest. The 6mm by 1mm with a 45mm length has a weight of 6 grams. There is also a 6mm by 1mm with a 55mm length weighing 7 grams.

6mm x 1mm x 15mm $ Price in Catalog
6mm x 1mm x 20mm $ Price in Catalog
6mm x 1mm x 25mm $ Price in Catalog
6mm x 1mm x 30mm $ Price in Catalog
6mm x 1mm x 33mm $ Price in Catalog
6mm x 1mm x 45mm $ Price in Catalog
6mm x 1mm x 55mm $ Price in Catalog

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