Salsa Seatbolt



The Flip-Off seat binder bolt is based on their hub skewer set. The lever is machined from billet aluminum and 77mm long, and 1/2" high. The lever narrows as it moves through two sets of curves toward the end. The shape and "feel" are quite natural, maybe the most natural of all, with the thumb fitting the back of the lever and the rest of the hand able to press the lever closed. The lever has a cam shape to apply compound pressure to close and lock the binder. The cam rotates against an aluminum concave contact washer, (cam follower). The 19mm contact diameter washer has a flat face. The nut is machined from aluminum rod, has a 19mm contact diameter with a flat inner face. There are two dark Grey washers that slide into the seat collar. One of these Grey washers is positioned on the inner side of the cam follower and the other is on the inner side of the nut. The nut is cut away making two flats for the thumb and forefinger to grip. A plastic insert at the outer end of the inner threads, holds the nut stationary, once properly in place. The pivot pin holding the skewer rod to the lever is made of stainless steel. The skewer rod itself is made from 4.42mm diameter Cro-moly steel. The weight of the front Flip-Off seat binder is 45.5 grams. The Flip-Off binder bolt is available in anodized Blue, Black, Green, Lavender, Red, Silver. or Rasta (Green/Red/Gold mix). Made in USA.

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