Ringle Moby Seatpost



The Moby post uses an infinitely adjustable, revolving head to hold the saddle, with styling and workmanship that are distinctively RingleŽ. The tubing section of the post is made of Easton EA70 aluminum tubing that is said by Easton to be twice as strong as the conventional 6061 T-6 or 6063 T-6 used by many other makers. EA70 is said to be a complex alloy of aluminum, and other metals that yields superior fracture and fatigue resistance. The top of the vertical tubing section is miter cut in a half-round shape for the clamp pieces to lay into. Below this cut, in the opposite direction an 11mm hole drilled through the tubing section for the clamping anchor to pass through. This clamping anchor is made of machined aluminum rod, drilled from the end to reduce weight, and drilled for a clamping bolt. The upper and lower clamp pieces are identical, and machined from 1 1/2" diameter aluminum rod stock.

The rod stock is turned on a lathe to slightly reduce it's entire outer diameter and make a deeply recessed 27mm wide base that rotates on top of the miter cut tubing section. The recess is knurled giving a biting edge to the clamp pieces when tightened in place. The outer ends are given a quarter-round milling, for that RinglŽ appearance, with V-notch milling on the inner ends to hold the saddle rails. The interior of the clamp pieces are milled out with a half-round bit to substantially reduce the weight the clamp pieces, with the finished pair weighing just 43 grams. The clamp pieces lie on the top of the tubing section, and are held in place with a machined aluminum cinching piece. The cinching piece has internal knurls that mate with those on the clamp pieces. The cinch piece looks like a RinglŽ QR lever and is bent to lay over the clamp pieces, holding them down and in place when the post is tightened. The clamping anchor slides through the cinch piece and holes in tubing section, with a wider lip at one end preventing it from sliding all the way through. At the other side from the bottom up through the clamping anchor, threading into a round, stainless steel nut that passes through the "cam" area on the cinch piece. Tightening this 30mm long, 6mm by 1mm thread pitch bolt, which weighs 8 grams, holds the entire assembly rigid. This steel bolt is replaceable with one made from Titanium, weighing just 5 grams, (our part #04-91-633), located at the end of this section. RingleŽ posts have all the head parts and the tubing section anodized the same color. With the clamp perpendicular to the tubing section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 356mm. The weight of a 26.8mm Moby Post is 202.5 grams. The Moby post is made in five diameters, 26.8mm, 27.2mm, 28.6mm, 29.4mm, and 31.6mm. It is available in most the RingleŽ colors; Blue, Black, pewter Grey, 3DV Lavender, Red, Silver and Tie-Die.

Size-68-72-86-94-16 Color-B-BK-GY-L-R-S-T $ Price in Catalog

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