Kalloy QR Seatbinder Bolt


This is an inexpensive, steel, quick release seat binder bolt. It uses a traditional rotating inner steel cam to draw up and close the lever. The cast steel lever passes through the cast steel cam housing and is fastened with a nut on the lower side. The lever has a Black plastic handle that is easy to grip. The nut is made of cast steel with a knurled outer surface for easy grip. The nut also has a saw cut on the top and bottom leaving flat parallel surfaces for grip by a box or adjustable wrench. The interior of the nut is plastic lined to provide a tight locking surface so the bolt won't vibrate loose, separate and become lost. The bolt uses two aluminum spacers to close off the cam housing and the inner side of the nut, to smooth the force applied to the seat lug as the lever is closed. The steel parts are finished with a bright nickel plating. The largest distance the skewer will close on is 32mm, the smallest distance it will close on is 13mm. It weighs 95 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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