DKG Seatpost Clamp


DKG is the initials of its founder David Garouette. DKG, based in Novato, California, is relied upon as a sub-contract manufacturer by many of the bike parts companies in Northern California for short-run, machined aluminum parts (including a particularly strong relationship with Salsa of Petaluma from whom they source axle skewer and seat clamp parts). The Thread-on is machined on a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) milling machine. They are made from a single piece of billet aluminum with its rough shape cut. The interior of the clamp is milled away leaving a "lip" that sits on top of the seat tube. The perimeter of the clamp is milled with a quarter-round treatment that smooths its edges. The Thread-on relies on a cadmium plated steel cap screw to draw the sides together. This bolt has a 5mm hex head fitting, threaded with 6mm by 1mm pitched threads. At 30mm long, and weighing 7.5 grams. It is replaceable by a 5 gram Titanium bolt found at the end of this section (04-91-633). The Thread-on clamp is made to fit 1 1/8", 1 1/4" or 1 3/8" outer diameter seat tubes. They are anodized in four colors, Blue, Black, Red or Silver (Clear). With the steel bolt the 1 3/8' model weighs 24.5 grams, the 1 1/4" version weighs 28 grams (its outer rim is slightly thicker), and the 1 1/8" weighs 25 grams. Made in USA.

1 1/8" (Color-B-BK-R-S) $ Price in Catalog
1 1/4" (Color-B-BK-R-S) $ Price in Catalog
1 3/8" (Color-B-BK-R-S) $ Price in Catalog

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